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  • IIHF Top Division: Russia defeats Czech Republic – USA with overtime victory

    The first game was a classic – Russia vs Czech Republic. In both teams are stars from the NHL and KHL in the roster. A sold-out Ondrej Nepla Arena in Bratialava created a great atmosphere. It was not the big game at first. Both teams without proper game flow. Russia ...
  • IIHF Top Division: Russia and USA with clear victories

    Group B – Ondrej Nepla Arena, Bratislava At noon Austria played against the star emsamble from Russia. The Austrians are not an easy task after yesterday’s defeat by Latvia. Russia, on the other hand, celebrated a good start against Norway. As expected, the Russians started very strong and had the ...
  • IIHF Top Division: Victories for Slovakia and the Czech Republic

    Group B – Ondrej Nepla Arena, Bratislava The second highlight in Bratislava was the first highlight. World Champion Sweden plays against the Czech Republic. Both teams with numerous and well-known players from the NHL, such as Lundqvist, or Lindholm in the Swedish team or Voracek or Gudas in the Czech ...