2016 IIHF World Championship: Ice Palace, Moscow, Russia: Switzerland – Latvia #77 Robin Grossmann, #29 Ralfs Freibergs; © Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

Ralfs Freibergs scored the 5-4 winning goal for Kometa Brno in overtime in the test match against league rivals Zlin.

The spectators in the DRFG-Arena could watch a great game with many goals. The first period was overwhelming, with three goals on each side. Nevertheless, this game was decided by a goal from Latvian Ralfs Freiberg in overtime for Kometa.

The guests started the game with a lot of enthusiasm right from the start. After just under two minutes, Kovařčíks played a quick pass in front of the Kometa goal, and Filip Zadina scored the 1-0 for Zlin with the first chance. Kometa came to a power play shortly afterwards, which was also successful. Peter Mueller had pulled the entire left defense on himself and played the puck in front of the goal. Peter Schneider stood there and scored the 1-1 (3.). It went on happily. At the end of the third minute, Martin Růžička played the puck to Kacetl, who was still able to fire the shot, and Matěj Stránský dusted off the new lead for Zlin from 1-2. Komet had another power play shortly after the goal, but Petr Holík missed a great chance to equalize. At halftime in the first period, Kometa had his third power play, sending his first line onto the ice. Peter Müller with an excellent pass to Petr Holík, who immediately took over the puck without hesitation. Zlin goalie Kořenář had no chance – 2-2. It didn’t take long and the atmosphere of joy rose in the arena. The Brno team took the lead for the first time in this game and again the first formation was there. The puck was taken over by Martin Zaťovič at the right post, who pushed the puck directly into the empty goal – 3-2. The joy of taking the lead did not last long, however, as Matěj Stránský’s shot from an acute angle found a hole between the body and stick of Kometa goalie Kacetl – 3-3.

In the middle period, offensive hockey was continued by both teams. Schneider was served ideally by Klepiš, but Zlin goalie Kořenář just managed to fend off the puck. Three minutes after the restart, Kometa had another power play and was able to play another great game. Zlin didn’t get the puck out of his own zone for an unbelievable 90 seconds, Brno settled in front of goalie Kořenář and created many chances. The goal was finally scored by Petr Holík, who again received the puck from Peter Mueller and scored without much delay – 4-3 (25.). On the other hand, Zlin was able to counter through Hrňa, but Kacetl moved quickly and was able to secure the puck under himself. Still, Zlin didn’t give up and kept up. Michal Kovařčík pulled away and the puck hit the net behind the Brno goalkeeper’s back to make it 4-4 (26.). Tomáš Šoustal had the renewed lead for Kometa in mind and drove alone to the Zlin goal. But goalie Kořenář left no room and prevented this goal. A moment later, Müller had a goal in mind, as the puck slowly slipped to the goal line after his shot. But the Zlin defenders were able to save and play away the puck just before the goal line.

In the closing period, both teams now played a more careful hockey. Both teams focused more on defense and the goal chances decreased. The team from Zlin was now the more active team. Goalie Kacetl was able to prevent Musil and Zadina from chances. The first big chance for Kometa was when Horky fired a shot. The Třinec goalkeeper then had to fend off chances from Valský and Libor Zábranský Jr. On the other hand, Ondřej Kovařčík could have decided the game, but Kacetl was a sure goalie. Both teams had a chance to score the winning goal in the last two minutes. First Gulaši let off a hard shot from the blue line, the visiting goalkeeper was blocked, but was able to fend off the puck with his equipment. For Zlin it was Růžička but again it was Kacetl who was able to capture the concealed shot. The game went into overtime.

In overtime, Müller served Holík again, but the defender was able to intercept the pass and bring Zlin to counterattack. But after Stránský’s attempt, Kometa goalie Kacetl again showed a good performance. After all, the over-time was only 95 seconds. Luboš Horký played the puck to the Zlin goal, goalie Kořenář mistakenly pushed the puck to Ralfs Freibergs, who took the puck directly, bounced off the goalkeeper’s skates and then went behind the goal line – 5-4 (62.).

Kometa Brno vs HC Zlin 5-4 OT (3-3, 1-1, 0-0, 1-0)