Test U18: Österreich – Lettland Mikus Mintautiskis #16, Thomas Patterer #8 Eissportzentrum St.Pölten ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

In the second game of the new MHL season, HK Riga wins at MHC Spartak in Moscow with 3-2 and reciprocates for the defeat the day before.

At the start of the new 2020-21 MHL season, HK Riga has to play a number of away games. The first games were in Moscow at MHC Spartak. The first game yesterday was just lost 0-1, despite a good game. Today was the rematch.

Riga’s head coach Valerijs Kulibaba had again made an excellent job for his team. They really went wild and forced Spartak to make mistakes. One of these resulted in a power play a few minutes before halfway through the period. This opportunity was used and Sinegubovs scored, after a pass from Tumanovs, the lead to 1-0 (9.). Spartak immediately pushed for the equalizer, but Riga’s goalie Liepins had a good day today and was able to excel several times. With an orderly performance, Riga went into the first break with this narrow lead.

After the restart there was a slightly changed Buld, Spartak was in a great playing mood. Almost eight minutes had been played and Yefim Bystrov equalized 1-1. after this goal there was a top-class game at a very high level with chances for both teams. When it came to the second break, goals were scored again. In a power play for Spartak, Vladislav Churkin took the lead for the first time to make it 2-1 (17.). But Riga did not hold back and started a counterattack. In the penultimate minute of the game before the break, Mikus Mintautiskis scores the acclaimed 2-2 equalizer (19.).

In the third period there was still a fast and very good game to be seen. Both teams looked for the way to the opposing goal to bring about the decision. After a good action by Ricards Benislavskis, he played the puck to Gustav Millers who finished 3-2 (48.). In the following minutes Spartak put everything on one card to turn the game around. But a solid team performance and a sure goalie Reinis Liepins, HK Riga secured the victory.

MHC Spartak vs HK Riga 2-3 (0-1, 2-1, 0-1)

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