#44 Nicklas Danielsson (SWE), #59 Lauris Bajaruns (LAT); ©Puckfans.at/Werner Krainbucher

After three goals from Lauris Bajaruns, Olimp Riga defeated champions Mogo 6-3 in their first game of the season 2020-21.

The Latvian “Optibet Hokeja League” started the season with seven teams. HK Kurbads does not take part in this year’s championship. HK Olimp and HK Mogo face each other at the start of the season. Last season Olimp won three out of four games.

The hosts with a strong start and after just under four minutes Aleksejs Sirokovs scored the 1-0, the pass came from Jerofejevs. An open exchange followed and both teams missed some good chances. In a power play for Olimp, Pujacs made it 2-0 (16.) after a pass from Maksims Sirokovs. With this score we went into the first break.

Mogo came out of the cabin with a lot of power and more determination. It only took 68 seconds and Zelubovskis scored the 1-2 connect with his goal. Olimp looked unsettled after this goal and Mogo took advantage of it. Olimp had a power play, but with a short hand Straupe made it 2-2 equalizer for Mogo (27.). This goal sat like a thorn at Olimp and the team went briefly from the concept. Shortly afterwards, halfway through the game, it was Straupe again who scored 3-2 for Mogo with his second goal (30). This goal woke the Olimp team again and three minutes later Bajaruns scored the equaliter goal to 3-3 (33.). The game was now at its peak and both teams gave each other nothing. There were no more goals until the second break.

At the end of the period, Olimp presented himself completely differently and now showed more passion on the ice. After about three minutes, Bajaruns, his second goal of the game, scored the well-deserved 4-3 lead, the preparatory work came from Gatis Sprukts. Now Olimp was back in the game. Just three minutes later, the goalscorer was Bajaruns again. With his third goal he scored the 5-3 and again Gatis Sprukts was the assistant. Mogo reared up again and messed everything up again to get close. The decision in this game succeeds Olimp. After a single action, Gatis Sprukts achieved the final score of 6-3 in the final minute.

HK Olimp Riga vs HK Mogo 6-3 (2-0, 1-3, 3-0)