Ilya Ezhov #33, Vityaz Podolsk © Robanser

With 26 saves, goalie Ilya Ezhov was the match winner for Vityaz Podolsk in the 4-0 away win at Ak Bars Kazan. Alexei Kovalev loses his coaching debut against Magnitogorsk with Kunlun Red Star.

In Kazan Ak Bars, as announced by coach Dmitri Kvartalnov again with captain Danis Zaripov, had to run after a fast deficit against Vityaz Podolsk. After just 51 seconds, a strange Vityaz hit the score 1-0 for the guests. Yegor Voronkov wanted to get the puck into the goal area with one shot, while his teammate Justin Danforth jumped over the pane. Behind it stood Kazan defender Albert Yarullin who deflected the puck with the skates into the goal, making Adam Reideborn untenable. In the further course, Ak Bars pressed the equalizer, but the closely staggered Vityaz defense stood like a wall.

In the second period, Kazan increased the pressure on Ilya Ezhov’s goal, but instead of equalizing, Podolsk took the lead 2-0 in the 38th minute. Vityaz won the puck on the gang through Alexander Dergachyov. With a bit of luck, the puck came back to Dergachyov via Semin and Daugavins, who subsequently successfully dusted off.

In the 42nd minute it could have been 3-0 for Vityaz after a shot from the pole by Svyatoslav Grebenshchikov. That was preceded by a defender’s mistake, but Grebenshchikov could not use the free space. Somehow Ak Bars couldn’t find a solution against the skilfully defending guests. However, after a quick break by Fyodor Malykhin, Vityaz had the chance to increase again in the 57th minute. Shortly afterwards there was again a majority for the home team. AK Bars even tried without a goalkeeper in the last 30 seconds, but the fourth power play also remained unused. 31 seconds before the end, Vutaly Popov fixed the victory with his Emty-Net goal. Another penalty against Vityaz led, after another Emty-Net goal by Fyodor Malykhin, to the very surprising 4-0 success of the guests. Goalie Vityaz goalie Ilya Ezhov celebrated his 23rd KHL shutout with 26 saves.

AK Bars Kazan vs Vityaz Podolsk 0-4 (0-1,0-1,0-2)

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