Martins Susters and Edgars Bebris will be league rivals in Britain’s NIHL at their new clubs.

Ice-Arena Graz Liebenau, Austria: Denmark vs Latvia: #4 Oliver Larsen, #21 Martins Susters. © Robanser

The career of 21-year-old Martin Susters was almost entirely in the UK. He started with the “Nottingham Cougars” in the U16. The “Peterborough Phantoms” followed. With this team he played in the U16 and U18. There were stops at the “Sheffield Rapiers” and “Steelhawks”. Other teams were the “Peterborough Islanders” and the “Nottingham Leopards”, but he played only a few games. In the 2017-18 season, Susters played in his hometown, Riga, with HK Riga in the Russian MHL. After only one season he went back “to the island” and played with the “Invicita Dynamos” before returning to “Peterbourough”. In the current, canceled season, he scored a respectable 70 points (36+34) in 46 games, so that the “Sheffield Steeldogs” made him a contract offer that Susters also accepted.

Martins Susters compatriot Edgars Bebris also remains in the British NIHL – he switches to “Milton Keynes Lightning”. Like Susters, the 28-year-old forward’s career began in Uk at the “Sheffield Rapiers” in the U16 and he played simultaneously in the U19 for the “Steel City Scorpions”. In 2007 Bebris returned to Latvia and played for HS Riga in the U18 and U20. After the 2009-10 season, where he played only a few games with “HK Ogre” and “Dinamo Juniors Riga”, he returned to the UK. Bebris played at his new club, the “Sheffield Steeldogs”, for four years. For the 2014-15 season, he switched to the “Peterborough Phantoms” and became a team colleague of Martins Susters. This was followed by clubs such as “Manchster Phönix” and “Coventry Blaze”. After “Blaze” followed two and a half seasons with the “Swindon Wildcats”. In the current season, Bebris scored 65 points (32+33) in 50 games. Reason enough for him to sign the “Milton Keynes Lightning”. At Lightning, Bebris’ team becomes a colleague of Liam Stewart, the son of Scottish rock music legend Rod Stewart.