Goaltender Mikhail Karnaukhov will play nex season for Metallurg Novokuznetsk in the VHL.

Slovakia Cup 2017 – Ice Arena Nitra: Russia – Belarus: #66 Ilya Mikheyev, #73 Ilya Sushko, #69 Mikhail Karnaukhov; ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

For the first time in his career, the 26-year-old Belarusian Goaltender Mikhail Karnaukhov will play outside of his home country. He will play for “Metallurg Novokuznetsk” in the Russian VHL next season. So far, Karnaukhov has only played in the domestic league and with Dinamo Minsk in the KHL. His career path led him through the MHL clubs “Minskie Zubry” and “Dinamo-Shinnik Bobruysk” and “Dinamo-Molodechno” in the domestic league to “Dinamo Minsk” in the KHL. He played his first games in the 2016-17 season and made two play-offs in five years. In the canceled “COVID-19” season, he played 12 games for “Dinamo Minsk” and “Dinamo-Molodechno”.

The former KHL team “Metallurg Novokuznetsk” is currently playing in the VHL and is putting together a brand new team. Andrey Denyakin, Director General of the Association of NHC Metallurg, commented on the selection process: “Metallurg” is actively working on the formation of the team for the next season. The club has already signed contracts with some players, with a number of hockey players in which we are interested, negotiations are ongoing. The club did not give information about signing contracts with players until today, there were reasons for it – we did not want to create unnecessary excitement around Metallurg, as the club has enough “friends”, including former club employees. Today we are ready to introduce to our fans the players with whom they signed contracts for the new season. I repeat, the work did not stop, and we continue to move forward. In addition to staffing the team, an important aspect of preparing for the season is the process of modernizing the arena of the Kuznetsk Metallurgists. We hope that part of the pre-season preparation our team will be able to carry out already in the modernized arena.”

source: www.vhlru.ru