Mantas Armalis, 27-year-old goalie remains in the Swedish league SHL and returns to Djurgardens.

IIHF WC Div IB 2017 Kaunas, LTU; #1 Mantas Armalis; © Franz Berger/Baltics Media

Lithuania’s national team # 1 goalie, Matas Armalis remains loyal to the Swedish SHL and changes again to Djurgardens IF. Armalis started his career in the U16, also with Djurgardens. From 2008-09 he was in the goal for the U18 and U20 youth teams from Mora. From the 2014-15 season, Armalis returned to Djurgardens in Stockholm for two years. He drew attention to himself in the capitals and Armalis got the chance to present himself at the Barracuda Sharks in the American AHL. However, he only played 24 games and moved to KHL in Dinamo Riga in 2017-18. Also at Riga he only played a few games (12) and after this season he joined Skelleftea, where he also reached the play-offs. In two seasons he only had 53 games on ice, so he accepted the offer of his “parent club” Djurgardens again.

Armalis due is the undisputed # 1 in the Lithuanian national team and has always been in the squad since the U18. For the young teams, Armalis participated in a total of four world championships. For the A-Team, he played two Olympic qualification tournaments and seven world championships. He celebrated his greatest success at the 2017 World Championships in Kaunas, when he was able to celebrate promotion to Div IA under coach Bernd Haake and the former NHL stars Zubrus and Kasparaitis.