In the city derby of Riga, HK Olimp turns 1-3 behind Riga Prizma and finally wins 4-3 after overtime.

In today’s game against Riga Prizma, HK Olimp wanted to overtake the current top of the table, HK Kurbads, with a win. The direct duel on Saturday is about a good position for the last quarter in the championship.

For Prizma, on the other hand, it was about making a good game. The first period was also very balanced and there were some good chances. Just over two minutes after half of the first period, Grinbergs, after a pass from Dombrovskis, takes the lead to 1-0 (13). Olimp naturally tried to equalize immediately, but failed because of the Kazakh goalie from Prizma, Ustinovich.

Prizma was able to take the momentum into the second period. It was played for almost two minutes and Tiltins scores 2-0 (22.). Olimp woke up now and increased the pressure, but was at Ustinovich’s last stop. But Olimp’s effort was rewarded, a few minutes after halftime Jelisejevs scored with his goal to 1-2 (34.). But Prizma showed the right reaction. Just a minute later it was Tiltins again who, with his second goal, scored 3-1 (35.).

In the last period, Olimp tried to turn the game around again. It was just over five minutes, and Brahmanis, after passing from Prohorenkovs, scored 2-3 (46.). Now it was exciting again and both teams played very good hockey. But as the game continued, the playful quality of the Olimp players came into play. Halfway through the period it was time: Brahmanis scores, after another perfect pass from Prohorenkovs, to 3-3 (51.). In the last minutes both teams tried to find the way to the goal to make the decision. The winning goal was initially denied and it went into overtime.

The extension lasted only 55 seconds, as Undelis scored 4-3 and secured Olimp the unexpected victory. With that, Olimp equalized with Kurbads and it comes to the top game in the league on Saturday.

Riga Prizma vs HK Olimp Riga 3-4 OT (1-0, 2-1, 0-2, 0-0, 0-1)

next games:

Saturday, 7th march 2020:

Riga Prizma vs HK Mogo, Volvo Sport Centras, 13.00

HK Kurbads vs HK Olimp, Kurbads Ledus Halle, 15.00