Klara Miuller scores all four goals in the 4-3 victory of Lithuania’s women over Belgium.

IIHF Women Championship 2020 Div III – Sofia, Bulgaria. Belgium Women vs Lithuania Women, #9 Klara Miuller. © Youtube.com nuotr.

Lithuania’s women’s national team upholds their chances for promotion. After the defeat by Bulgaria, Lithuania’s head coach Haake was intent on rebuilding his team against Belgium. The success coach should also succeed, although the Lithuanians for the time being overslept the start. Belgium are in the lead after only one minute of play by Bosmans and after just 80 seconds it was 2-0 – Jenaer uses an inattention of the defense of Lithuania (3.). After this Belgian start furioso, Lithuania got into the game better and had Klara Miuller. The 16-year-old forward provided a 1-2 (4.) goal one minute later. There were further chances but in this period no team scored another goal.

In the middle third, the game was neutralized and both teams sought the path to success. It was just over five minutes played, there it was again Miuller, she scorts the equalizer to 2-2 – it is already her fifth goal at this World Cup. And she wanted more and was full of deeds urge. The Belgians were impressively superior after the equalizer goal, but Lithuania’s goalkeeper Emili Sorensen was able to fend off a total of 35 shots during this period. In the final third, the exception expelled forward. After a remarkable solo she scored the lead to 3-2 in the 43rd minute. Lithuania continued and only two minutes later it was again Miuller, who, after a quick game combination, scored a pass from Kukanova to 4-2 (45.). It was already her fourth goal in this game and the seventh in this tournament. From then on, Lithuania controlled the game and Belgium also failed Lithuania’s goalkeeper, Emili Simonsen. It was only a minute before the end when De Guchtenaere scored Belgium’s 3-4 (19.), but that goal came too late. Lithuania play this victory home after a tactical feat by Coach Haake and continue to be in the promotion race.

Belgium Women vs Lithuania Women 3-4 (2-1, 0-1, 1-2)

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