With a 4-1 over Hong Kong, Lithuania’s hockey women win the first game in history.

It was im May of this year that a women’s national team was established for the first time in Lithuania’s Ice Hockey Federation. The driving force was the “playing” president Daniuis Zubrus, who has changed a lot in the organization of the association since his arrival. As head coach, none other than Bernd Haake, who had already celebrated outstanding success with the men’s national team. In 2017, this included promotion to Division 1B. When bernd Haake was asked if he would take on this task, he did not hesitate a second. Lithuania’s women have since spread to this World Cup Div III in Bulgaria.

Lithuania’s women were very enthusiastic in the first game, the opposing team were the women of Hong Kong. The went after a good attack in the lead, Claudia Ip Estelle scored the 1-0 (5.). Lithuania remained very motivated and just three minutes later Klara Miuller scored the equalizer to make it 1-1 (9.). Shortly thereafter, Hong Kong had a power play, but the goal scored Lithuania. After a quick counterattack, Miuller scores twice with his second goal (10.). With this score we went into the first break. In the middle period, there was a balanced game, both teams could not use their chances. In the final period, the good condition of the Lithuanians was noticeable. A few minutes after halftime of the period, Sersniova scored the preliminary decision to 3-1 (53.). Hong Kong tried to get closer towards the end of the game, but was overzealous. That led to a power play for Lithuania. This was also used and Miuller scored with their third goal the 4-1 (59.). That was also the final score in this game. After the match, the Lithuanians sang the national anthem with great fervor and also Coach Haake was very relieved. With this victory Lithuanian women celebrated a successful debut in this World Cup.

Lithuania Women vs Hong Kong Women 4-1 (2-1, 0-0, 2-0)

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