Lok Yaroslavl wins 2-1 at SKA – CSKA beat Barys also away with 3-0.

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In the match against Barys CSKA had the first power play after just under three minutes – the Kazakhs had too many players on the ice. However, this power play also remained without a goal, as only two minutes later for the hosts. In this period, there was still another power play, but there were no further goals.

This balanced game continued after the break, with many chances for both teams, but no further goals. Even in a 4-on-4 situation, good opportunities were left out. As they expected another scoreless period, Kiselevich scored the 1-0 lead for CSKA in the last minute before the break.

In the final period, Barys tried to equalize, giving more space for CSKA’s quick attacks. Barely two minutes after halftime, Grigorenko scored the 2-0 after a good move (53.). The hosts once again tried everything to make the turnaround. The final decision is made by Kaprizov, who makes his 3-0 and the final score with his Emtpy net goal.

Barys Nur-Sultan vs CSKA Moscow 0-3 (0-0, 0-1, 0-2)

In the home game of SKA against Lok there was the first power play after ten minutes for the hosts, in a balanced first period. But despite good chances, it was scoreless. Also, Lok had twice the possibility of a power Palys, but they could not take advantage of the opportunities offered.

After only four minutes in the middle period SKA came again to a power play. But despite superior style of play fell for the time being no goal. But only a few minutes later it was time, Kemppainen utilizes a pass from Plotnikiv to the due 1-0 lead for SKA (28.). Two more power plays followed for SKA, but the locomotive defensive did not allow much. Just under 90 seconds before the second break, Nikolai Kovalenko – the son of Andrei Kovalenko – scored the 1-1 (39.). The period was not over yet, because twenty seconds before the siren SKA’s Kablukov had to be put on the penalty bench after a nasty attack on the head with a 5+10 minute penalty.

Lok therefore started with a power play in the final period and uses this advantage. Only 15 seconds before the end of the penalty DaCosta scored the 2-1 (45.). SKA now tried everything to come up again, even had a 5-on-3 power play for a minute. But Lok Yaroslav defends this narrow lead to the end and wins surprisingly in St. Petersburg 2-1.

SKA St. Petersburg vs Lok Yaroslavl 1-2 (0-0, 1-1, 0-1)

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