Välk 494 win against Viking Tallinn 8-2 – Everest takes the first point against Narva PSK.

League first played against the league last placed HC Everest and was clear of the paper form her favorite. But Everest got a great day and asked Narva playfully. Narva took the lead after seven minutes, with a short-hadeg-goal from Minin, the 1-0. Everest played with and Guschin succeed the equalizer to 1-1 (17.). Shortly before the break Petrov scored, one minute later, the 2-1 for Narva (18.).

After the break, it became a turbulent game. Everest played his best game and Barayev scored the new equalizer goal to 2-2 (28.). Only three minutes later Barayev fits Parshin, who scored the first 3-2 lead for Everest (31.). Narva pushed on and shortly before the second break Titov scored the 3-3 (39.). Who thought now Everest gave up, who was wrong. Only 15 seconds before the end of the period, Galimzyanov scored the 4-3 for Everest (40.).

In the final period, it remained exciting, as Everest, in a power play, scored the 5-3 by Tsaltsev (45.). The outsider went down and Barayev scored the 6-3 (47.). But Narva defended himself against the imminent defeat and comes back with a double strike within 44 seconds – Saprykin scored the 4-6 and after a solo by Petrov this scored the 5-6 (45.). Now Nerves became noticeable on Everest, which Narva knew how to use. Only 24 seconds before the end, Saprykin, after Petrov’s pass, scored the 6-6 equalizer goal (60.), which was considered impossible by Narva.

There followed a goalless extension, as both teams delivered a great game. In the final penalty shoot-out Narva had the better end for himself, Iljin exploits alone as his penalty and Narva wins in the end 7-6.

Narva PSK vs HC Everest 7-6 SO (2-1, 1-3, 3-2, 0-0, 1-0)

In the second game of the day, Viking Tallin, after just 33 seconds in the away game against Välk, went through 1-1 in the lead by Sillandi. But only one and a half minutes later FIlippov, in a power play, scored the equalizer to 1-1 (2.). Välk continued to push and Vorang scored the 2-1 (4.). Only two minutes later Viking was again successful, Tugo scored the 2-2 (6.). Then it took bic minutes before the break, as Murtazin scored the 3-2 for Välk (17.).

In the middle period, both teams had a good game, but the goals scored Välk. About half of the game Galimov scored the 4-2 (31.) and a few minutes later preceded the 5-2 (35.). With this goal the game was decided, what became visible in the last period. Viking could not keep up and showed weaknesses on the defensive. Välk uses that and Avimov scores the 6-2 and only 21 seconds later Shapovanov scores 7-2 (45.). This was the game decided. The final goal in this game also scored Välk, Turovski scored, in a final power play, the final score to 8-2 (59.).

HK Välk 494 vs Viking Tallinn 8-2 (3-2, 2-0, 3-0)