Kurbads remains in first place with an penalty shoot-out-win over Olimp – Liepaja celebrates 8-1 win over HS Riga.

First HK Kurbad’s tables wanted to win against Olimp another and retain the league tip. Olimp wanted to continue this run because of the last victories.

The game started almost perfectly for Kurbads. With the first very good attack Tambijevs scores the 1-0 (4.). Olimp took this goal and continued to play his game. It was a fast, open and very varied game, which lasted until the break. Also in the middle period there was this very entertaining game. Both Goalies, Kurdbad’s Calpa and Olimp’s Mustukovs got a lot to do. A power play brought compensation for Olimp, Shulakov scored after a pass from Sirokovs, the 1-1 (16.). At the beginning of the final period Kurbads was better again and Zolmanis scored the 2-1 (47.). Olimp launched an offensive and urged the equalizer. He should succeed too. Only 64 seconds before the end of this effort was rewarded – Konisevs scores the much acclaimed 2-2 (19.). It went into the over-time. In extra time, the goals were scored despite many chances, and it had to decide the penalty shoot-out. In the penalty shootout the Kurbads players had the better nerves. All three players could use their Penaltys, unlike Olimo, and Kurbads wins this game 3-2. With this victory Kurbads remains at the league top.

HK Kurbads vs HK Olimp Riga 3-2 SO (1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 0-0, 1-0)

On the basis of the last games Liepaja showed ambitions that one has to reckon with this team. But HS Riga could win, despite good games, this season only one game. Also against Liepaja Riga could keep up for a long time. Liepaja had slight playful advantages, but Rigas goalie Puca was able to prevent a goal for the time being. But 36 seconds before the break, it was time, the Lithuanian Kaleinikovas scored the 1-0 for Liepaja.

In the middle period Liepaja’s goal machine really got going. Barely two minutes played and Nekludovs scored in a power play 2-0 – the pass came from Kaleinikovas (22.). HS Riga looked unsettled and Liepaja took advantage of the hour. Only a few minutes later, Freimanis scored the 3-0 (26.). In this game, it continued, and Planics scored the 4-0 (29.). Only two minutes later, Nekludovs scores with his second goal for 5-0 (31.). Riga seemed dissolved, and Liepaja was to act as they wished. One minute later, Freimanis scores 6-0 (32.), also his second goal. Planics succeeds in scoring for the 7-0 (38.) shortly before the second break. In the final period Liepaja took the pace out of the game. After half of the period Miezis scored the 8-0 (56.). Riga absolutely wanted an honorary goal that should succeed. In a power play Ornins scored just before the end the 1-8 (58.). With this victory Liepaja is firmly on the second league place.

HK Liepaja vs HS Riga 8-1 (1-0, 6-0, 1-1)

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