In the top match Viking Tallinn defeats the team of Välk 5-4 – Narva finished Everest 7-2.

In the top match of the round Viking Tallinn started against Välk fulminant. With a dream start Sillandi scored the 1-0 (4.). Viking continues the punchy game and only a few minutes later Lavrov scores the 2-0 (10.). The team of Välk visibly overwhelmed, and only two minutes later Kuznetsov scored the 3-0 (12.). When pressure on Viking’s gate faded, Välk was back. Shortly before the break, Koll scored the 1-3 (18.). This goal gave Välk a real push. Only 41 seconds after restarting the middle period, Titarenko scored the 2-3. The game was open again. Tallin remembered their strength and Sillandi scored his second goal, 4-2 (29.).

But Välk did not give up. Titarenko scores with his second goal to make it 3-4 (36.). Viking was now visibly nervous and Murtazin uses this circumstance – he scored the equalizer to 4-4 (38.). In the final period, it took only 43 seconds and Novikov scored the renewed lead for Viking to 5-4. There followed an open, fast game with many chances. But Viking Tallin brought this victory over time with combined forces and playful callousness. With this win Tallin joins Välk and Narva, all three teams have four points.

HK Viking Tallinn vs HK Välk 494 5-4 (3-1, 1-3, 1-0)

further result:

Narva PSK vs HC Everest 7-2 (1-0, 3-2, 3-0)