With a 7-2 victory over “BA Klaipeda” the Hockey Punks make a successful start to the new season.

Today, the runner-up in the championship, opponents was the new team of “BA-Klaipeda”. The punks start brilliantly in this game and went after six minutes by a goal by Visockas 1-0 lead. Only two minutes later, the punks had a power play and Bendzius scored in this to 2-0 (9.). Klaipeda was visibly overwhelmed and Baltrukonis scored the 3-0 (11.). After that, the punks took some of the tempo, but came up with another power play shortly before the first break, but they did not score.

After the break, it was pretty rough. First, Klaipeda’s Podolskij got a 2+10 penalty and only a few minutes later, his teammate Miliunas followed. The punks could not gain an advantage, on the contrary. Due to some punishments of undecided punks, Klaipeda came for almost six minutes to one power play after another. A few minutes later, the effort was rewarded and Kuznetsov scored the 1-3 (37.). This goal gave Klaipeda a boost and a few seconds before the break Kuznetsov scored his second goal to score 2-3.

In the final period, the punks remembered their playful strength. Five minutes after the restart Bendzius scored for 4-2 – his second goal in this game. After this goal Klaipeda’s Goalie Jaksys finished the game with Back-Up Pranckietis. But it took only three minutes until he got the first goal – Kumeliauskas scored the 5-2 (53.). Now the punks were back and only 26 seconds later Bendzius scored the 6-2 at the same minute with his third goal. With this goal, the resistance of Klaipeda was broken and Verona scored with his goal the 7-2 final score (56.). With this victory, the Hockey Punks from Vilnius manage a perfect start into the new season.

Hockey Punks Vilnius – Kaunas BA HC Klaipeda 7-2 (3-0, 0-2, 4-0)