Kaunas Hockey wins league start against Gelezinis Vilkas 6-0

After surprisingly and without information from reasons the Lithuanian series champion Energija Elektrenai had withdrawn from the league at short notice, the federation had to restructure the league. Therefore, the first game of the season was played by Gelezinis Vilkas and Kaunas Hockey in Ice Arena in Elektrenai.

In the first period, a cautious start followed by both teams, with slight benefits for Kaunas. However, the “Wolves” had three Power Play games during this period, but could not score in it. The third power play was taken into the second period. It was played exactly one minute in the middle period, since Chekmaryov uses a carelessness in the game structure of the “Wolves” and scored with a short-hander 1-0 for Kaunas (21.). Only four minutes later Gelezinis Vilkas had the chance to score with a penalty but Kaunas Goalie Pavliukov was able to fend off. Shortly before the end of the second period Kaunas had a power play. This opportunity was used and Chekmaryov scored with his second goal the 2-0 (39.).

In the final period, the “Wolves” were able to keep the game open for some time. When Chakmaryov scored the 3-0 (45.) with his third goal, the will was broken by the wolves. Only five minutes later it was 4-0 (51.) – again Chekmaryov was the goal scorer, his fourth goal in this game. Now the game was finally decided and Morozov scored the 5-0 (55.). The final score take Isaev 23 seconds before the end with the 6-0. Kaunas Hockey celebrates with this victory a perfect start into the new season.

Gelezinis Vilkas vs Kaunas Hockey 0-6 (0-0, 0-2, 0-4)