Latvia’s new league team surprises the league again with a 3-2 overtime win over Zemgale.

In the only Sunday game in the Latvian Ice Hockey League, Zemgale was visiting the new league team HK Olimp. With the previous performances Olimp surprised the other league teams and that should also be continued against Zemgale.

In the first few minutes followed the usual, mutual sampling of both teams. Olimp had slight playful advantages and shortly after half-time, Undelis made it 1-0 (13.). But Zemgle continued to play along and only three minutes later Kurnigins scored the equalizer goal to 1-1 (16.). Olimp came after the break to a power play and Russian ex-KHL Crack Shulakov took this opportunity and scored with the 2-1 the new leadership (22.). And again, Zemgale did not want to give up the game so easily and in a short rush period, Sprukts scored the 2-2 (33.). In the third period, a strike exchange followed with many chances for both teams to decide the game. But both goalies contend with good reflexes to avert the defeat and it went into the over-time. The extension lasted just over a minute and Jerofejevs scored, after Pass Galoha, the victory goal to 3-2 (62.). With this victory, Olimp remains in third place in the league.

HK Olimp vs HK Zemgale/LL 3-2 OT (1-1, 1-1, 0-0, 1-0)