With a 4-2 victory over HS Riga celebrates Daugavpils the first victory – Liepaja defeated champion Mogo 1-0.

In the game of table stragglers, it came to the meeting of HK Daugavpils and HS Riga. This game started Riga with a lightning start, and went after just 29 seconds by a goal from Lavins 1-0 lead. Daugavpils had to deal with this quick goal, but came back into the game quickly. But it took only a few minutes before the break, and Pecura scored after a solo, the equalizer to 1-1 (17.).

Also in the middle period HS Riga always came back dangerous, the goal guarded by the Russian goalie Donchenko. It was only a few minutes in the second period, as Vitolins scored the renewed lead for Riga to 2-1 (24.). This time, Daugavpils came faster to equalize. Just under four minutes later Aleidzans meets for 2-2 (28.). This goal seemed to bring confusion on the defensive of Riga. Only 67 seconds later Daugavpils takes the lead for the first time – Sarapultsev scored the 3-2 (29.). After that came an open game and both teams missed a lot of good chances.

In the shot period the fans were also offered a good, fast game. But both goalies, Donchenko and Riga’s Lazdins fought off with good reflexes. The decision came a few minutes before the end when Filippov scored a 4-2 pass from Vabisevics (54.). Daugavpils kept this result until the end and celebrate their first win of the season.

HK Dinaburga Daugavpils vs HS Riga 4-2 (1-1, 2-1, 1-0)

In the second game of the day Liepaja received the champion Mogo. Liepaja got off to a good start in the new season, but Mogo has been below expectations. The fans got a very good game to see, the only thing missing was the goals, probably because both goalies got a very good day. The second period also remained without goals and the decision was made in the end period. In a power play Liepaja uses this opportunity and Freimanis scored, after passing zabis, the decisive goal to 1-0 (44.). Liepaja brought this narrow result to the end and advances in the league table behind Kurbads in second place.

HK Liepaja vs HK Mogo 1-0 (0-0, 0-0, 1-0)