HK Välk win 8-6 after a 0-3 defeat vs Narva – Viking Tallinn celebrates his first victory with a 4-3 victory over Everest.

On the second match day, there was a big game between Narva PSK and HK Välk. Both teams celebrated high victories in the first round and today the first clash ensued.

Narva PSK got off to a better start and took a 1-0 lead through Saprykin’s goal (2.). This goal inspired Narva and only two minutes later Iljin scored the 2-0 (4.). Välk just did not get into the game and at the time of the period it was again Iljin who scored with his second goal 3-0 (11.). Only a power play brought Välk back into the game. Robushkin takes this opportunity and scored, after pass from Kints, the connection goal to 1-3 (13.). With this goal the catch-up hunt was opened, because 11 seconds before the break Murtazin meets to the 2-3.

After the break, Välk continued to play the game and Filippov scored the 3-3 equalizer (22.). Narva could not hold against it at this stage and only a few minutes later Titarenko brings with his goal to 4-3 the HK Välk for the first time in the lead (28.). But after a very good game action from narva’s Saprykin to Petrov scored this the 4-4 (29.). Now Narva was back in the game and could playfully hold against it. This style of play was rewarded, and three minutes before the second break, it was again Iljin, who scored with his third goal in this match, the 5-4 (37.).

Like the two previous periods, there was a great game in the third period as well. Välk came out of the dressing room with more vigor and Murtazin scored with his second goal the 5-5 (42.). Now Välk relent and only a few minutes later Garanin scored after a great solo again the lead to 6-5 (45.). But Narva still did not give up and only 81 seconds later Nevzorov scored the 6-6 (46.). But Välk had the right answer again, and Murtazin scored the 7-6 (47.) – it is his third goal in this game. The final point in this goal-rich game sat Robashkin, who scored in the 8-6 the decision in favor of Välk (49.). Narva pushed for the final goal in the remaining time, but Välk Goalie Rovda could save his team from losing goals. With this win Välk remains unbeaten in the second game.

Narva PSK vs HK Välk 494 6-8 (3-2, 2-2, 1-4)

In the second game of the day Vikins Tallinn succeeds the first victory. Although Everest went with a short-handed goal by Galimzyanov 1-0 in the lead (5.). The Vikings struggled to get back into the game after this loss. Only in the second period was the effort rewarded. Fedoruk scored the equalizer to 1-1 (24.), but Everest scored the 2-1 through Morel (27.). Now Tallinn remembers their playful strength and Novikov scored the equalizer for the 2-2 (34.). After this goal, the Vikings put on and Kuznetsov scored the first lead in thos match für Tallinn to 3-2 (36.). But Everest did not give it up and Antonenko scored just before the second break the 3-3 (38.). The decision was made in the final period by Novikov, with his second goal to 4-3 (46.). Everest could not resist this goal and Viking Tallinn wins his first game of the season.

Viking Tallinn vs HC Everest 4-3 (0-1, 3-2, 1-0)