Kurbads after a 9-3 over HS Rige continue without defeat – Mogo shot himself with a 10-3 victory over Dinaburga the frustration of the soul.

In today’s three games in the “Optibet” Hokejaliga, the teams scored a total of 35 goals. The league table Leader Kurbads shot HS Riga with a 9-4 from the ice.

With a double strike of Kurbads in the first period, the foundation was laid for this victory. In the 5th minute Zolmanis scored the lead to make it 1-0 and only 102 seconds later Rancevs makes it 2-0 (6.). With this score we went into the first break. After restarting in the second period, HS Riga made a quick break, Lavins scoring the 1-2 (25.). Kurbads showed the right reaction and Redlihs hits the 3-1 (31). Only a little later, Rancevs scores, with his second goal, the 4-1 (33.). Only 98 seconds later it was Zolmanis, also with his second goal, to 5-1 (35.). Kurbads was impressively superior and Stals scored with a short-hander the 6-1 (38.) before the second break.The game was decided in favor of the leader. HS Riga scores before the break the 2-6 (39.) by Zalans.

In the final period, Straupe only scores 78 after re-starting to 7-2 (42.). But Riga played with and after a solo succeeds Vitolins the 3-7 (45.) and only two minutes later Ziemins the 4-7 (47.). But these goals came too late, because Cipulis scored the 8-4 (51.). The final to 9-4 scored Zolmanis, thus contributing his third goal to this victory (53.).

HK Kurbads vs HS Riga 9-4 (2-0, 4-2, 3-2)

The aktuell champion managed a liberation from the frustration against Dinaburga. The new league team was shot, two-digit, with 10-3 from the ice. The Tor Festival started after just two minutes, Zelubivskis scored the 1-0. After this goal Dinaburga could keep the game open but failed to score. Unlike the favorite, who with two goals from Ziemins, and a goal by Opelts before the break to 4-0.

After the start of the second period, it was again Zelubovskis who scored the 5-0 (24.). Shortly thereafter, Dinaburga reduced by Tretjakovs to 1-5 (25.). Mogo remains the game-determining team and with his third goal Ziemins scored the 6-1 (38.). In the final period, the shooting continued. Dinaburga comes through Jevdokimovs on 2-6 (44.). A few minutes later Ozolins countered and scored the 7-2 (53.). But Dinaburga continued to play along and Jevdokimovs scored his second goal to scored the 3-7 (57.). In the final minutes then played only Mogo. A double strike in one minute from Pankevics leads to 8-3 and 9-3 (59.). The two-digit final result was provided by Opelts, who scored the final score of 10-3 with his second goal (59.).

HK Mogo vs HK Dinaburga Daugavpils 10-3 (4-0, 2-1, 4-2)

Also in the third game of the day, there were many goals for the fans to see. Visockis scored the 1-0 lead for Zemgale (3.). In a power play for Liepaja scored Planics to 1-1 (8.). Just before the break, Zemgale’s renewed lead came in – Novikovs scored with a power play goal to 2-1 (19.). After the break Miezis equalizes to 2-2 (22.). Zemgale continued to play and Misjus scores to 3-2 (26.). But Liepaja came to equalize, Dilevka scored in another power play the 3-3 (36.) and it followed a thrilling final period.

Liepaja leads after a solo by Butans to 4-3 for the first time in the lead (43.). A power play brought the next goal – the Lithuanian Kaleinikovas increased to 5-3 (48.). These two goals shocked Zemgale and the flow of the game faltered. Although succeeds Visockis, with his second goal, the 4-5 (53.). Liepaja could not take this victory and yet surprisingly wins at Zemgale and remains in the top half of the league.

HK Zemgale vs HK Liepaja 4-5 (3-2, 0-1, 1-2)