Dinamo Riga have no chance against Avangard Omsk and go down with 0-7.

Riga’s new goalie, Alexander Salak, had also presented his debut against Avangard Omsk differently. In the first period Chudinov scored the 1-0 for Omsk (13.). A few seconds before the break, the Swiss Andrighetto scored in a power play to make it 2-0 (20.). Dinamo Riga had been playfully so far unremarkable. After the break, they moved on to the “Dinamo” goal and Shumakov scored the 3-0 (23.). Short time then again had power play for Avangard, and again it was Andrighetto, who made it 4-0 with his second power play goal (25.). After that, Omsk switched gears, but even now Riga remained safe. Shortly before the second break Scherbak scored the 5-0 and the game was decided early (37.). In the hell of the final period, McMillan was put on the penalty bench after a “high sticking” with a 2+2 minute penalty. That took advantage of Omsk and Shimakov and Semyonov’s two power play goals within 32 seconds sealed that huge 0-7-defeat for Riga.

Dinamo Riga vs Avangard Omsk 0-7 (0-2, 0-3, 0-2)

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