Maxim Veshutkin wins with his club, Nove Zamky, against former KHL team Slovan Bratislava after 3-5 deficit at the end with 7-6.

#71 Maxim Veshutkin, HK Nove Zamky ©Maxim Veshutkin

In Bratislava there was a turbulent match between ex-KHL team Slovan Bratislava and the underdog team HK Nove Zamky. Slovan plays after the exit from the KHL in the Slovak Extraliga and had won the first two games of the new season. Nove Zamky had just played a game and lost this. In the team of Nove Zamky plays one of the seven Russian players of the league, the 25-year-old forward Maxim Veshutkin, who had a successful working day.

Slovan starts as a big favorite in this game ind went through goals by Zigo (5., power-play) and Bondra (8., short-hander) with 2-0 in the lead. But Nove Zamky succeeds by Stupka the 1-2 (11.). The prolific defender, who played in Glasgow last season, will be instrumental in his team’s success. Slovan continues to be very superior and forgives chance by chance, probably as Zamky’s goalie Kristin got an excellent day. At the beginning of the second period, there was the same playful image. Slovan continue to think playfully and Zigo scored the 3-1 (28.). But Zamky had Stupka, who scored two minutes later the 2-3 (31.). The preliminary work for this goal came from Maxim Veshutkin. The game continued on Kristin’s goal, who kept what it held. Shortly before the second break Vandas hits with a good shot to 4-2 (38.).

What followed was not to be surpassed in drama. After just over a minute Dlugos meets for 3-4 (42.). Slovan came to a power play and scored by Pulis the 5-3 (48.). A few seconds later followed the supposed 6-3, but this goal was not given by the referees. That was the turning point in this game. Zamky came into power play and Jurik scored the 4-5 (52.). Now Slovan was struck and Zamky takes advantage of the hour. Becka scored the 5-5 (58.) minutes before the end and only 22 seconds later Stupka scored the 6-5 (58.) with his third goal in the match. Nove Zamky had turned the game. Slovan was now completely gone and Mikus even scored the 7-5 (59.). Now Slovan risked everything, with Goalie Habal taken out of the goal too late. Two seconds before the end Bondra scored to 6-7, but that was only result cosmetics. Nove Zamky wins with sacrificing performance against Slovan, who in any case playfully have to use more.

Slovan Bratislava vs Nove Zamky 6-7 (2-1, 2-1, 2-5)

A young Russian put himself a bit rampant, with his controlled and ready-to-play style of play also involved in the success of the team, Maxim Veshutkin. Veshutkin played from 2011-2015 in the MHL near Novosibirsk and got a lot of match practice. After his move to the VHL to Yermark Angarsk changed the sudden, he came to only two games. He moved to league rivals Zvezda-VDV Dmitrov, there it did not get better. There was another change to Sokol Krasnoyarsk, but even there an ambitious Veshutkin was denied more gambling practice.

#47 Maxim Veshutkin, Sokol Krasnoyarsk ©Maxim Veshutkin

In 2017-18 he tried HK Tambov in the third Russian league, after all playing on 22 games. Veshutkin got the opportunity in the Hungarian league to play at HK Györgyoi. He had prominent players, such as Pavel Vorobyev, Denis Ezhov and Dmitri Pestunov, two-time Gagarin Cup winner. There he was able to bring back more and got back much more practice practice. After leaving the play-offs Veshutkin switched to Slovakia to MHK Dubnica. At Dubnica he drew attention to himself, scored 21 points in 19 games. There was an offer from Extraliga club Nove Zamky, which the sympathetic Russian gladly accepted. There he was welcomed friendly and quickly integrated into the team because of his strengths, such as speed and skill.

After the game, an overjoyed Maxim Veshutkin made a few statements.

#47 Maxim Veshutkin, Sokol Krasnoyarsk ©Maxim Veshutkin

BM: Maxim, how can you explain this unexpected victory?

Maxin Veshutkin: “It was an incredible game for us today, catching up with a clear backlog and winning in the end is a fantastic feeling.”

BM: After all, against a former club from the KHL: Slovan Bratislava. How important is this result.

MV: “Such a result was not expected. Slovan is the clear favorite in the league, especially as a team that played in the KHL. For us it was morally important and we now know that we can also stand up to the big teams. Thanks also to Vaclav Stupka, with his three goals he had a big share in this victory.”

BM: You came from the Romanian team HK Györgyoi in which even very prominent players are active.

MV: “Yes, that was a very important experience for me with Vorobyev, who played in a team at the Chocago Blackhawks, with Pestunov as the Gagarin Cup winner and Ezhov, after all, the Oilers Draft, as a young player you can learn a lot. Then I got the offer of Nove Zamky to play in the slovak Extraliga.”

BM: What are your goals for this season and after such a game?

MV: “We will build on this game and of course our goal is the play-offs. This project will not be easy, but I think we can do it.”

BM: Maxim, many thanks for your words and continued success for the upcoming season.

MV: “I say thank you too, it was my first interview.” (smile)