Kurbads continued his winning streak with a 3-1 victory over Zemgale – Mogo win their first home game against Riga Prizma 3-1.

HK Kurbads started the new season very successfully. This winning streak should also be continued against Zemgale. But the guests played with and went to the period halftime, by a Power-Paly goal by Begovs 1-0 lead (11.). Kurbads had to take this goal first, but the team came back into the game. The equalizer scored, four seconds before the break, Rancesvs, also in a power play, the 1-1 (20.).

Also in the second period, there was a very balanced game to see. Both teams had some good chances to take the lead. Kurbads with slight playful advantages. Again, it was close to half-time, and Zembergs scored the 2-1 and the first time for Kurbad this evening (39.). In the final period, Zemgale tried to turn the game, but the goal went to Kurbad. After a good move by Zolmanis this points to Bajaruns and he scored the 3-1 (47.). That was also the final score in this game, and Kurbads remains wieter without defeat.

HK Kurbads vs HK Zemgale/LLU 3-1 (1-1, 1-0, 1-0)

Champion Mogo wanted to win his first home game in the new season. Accordingly, the team approached this project and put Riga Prizma under pressure. In this phase Gricinskis scored the lead to 1-0 (11.). The champion went down, but Prizma defended herself very well. Just before the break then the gate. After a pass from Ozolins Maslovskis scored the 2-0 (18.).

Even after the break Mogo continued to press on the Prizma goal, but the Japanese goalie Yoshihiro in goal by Prizma could prevent further goals. After a solo attempt by Kolesnikovs he had no chance and had to accept the 0-2 (27.). After this goal, pressure from Mogo eased and Prizma came into play better. One of the few good chances Berzin uses to 1-3 (35.). This goal put hope in the Prizma team and the game remained open until the second break.

After the break, Prizma took part in this training again and set very good playful accents. Shortly after halftime of the final period Riekstins scored after a single action the 2-3 (53.). Now it was exciting again and both teams risked everything now. Mogo, however, came to a power play and that was used. Lipsbergs meets for 4-2 (54.). This goal gave Mogo the backing and Prizma could do nothing against it. With this victory Mogo celebrates his first home win in the new season.

HK Mogo vs HK Prizma Riga 4-2 (2-0, 1-1, 1-1)

further result:

HK Dinaburga Daugavpils vs HK Liepaja 1-6 (0-1, 1-0, 0-5)