Dinamo Riga loses first home game in the current season against Lok Yaoslavl with 2-3 – Dinamo Minsk beat Amur with 1-0 after Over-Time.

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Dinamo Riga also wanted to put his home strength against Lok Yaroslavl. Lok, on the other hand, wanted to forget the defeat against CSKA Moscow with a win at Riga.

Dinamo had the first power play after just under three minutes, but remained without a goal. However, shortly after the punishment for Lok, Ullström scored the 1-0 (6.). Subsequently, Dinamo came to two more power-play opportunities, but it was again scored no goal. When Lok was complete again, Rafikov scored the equalizer to 1-1 (17.). This goal unsettled Dinamo, which resulted in penalties, but also Lok remained in power play without a goal.

In the second period there was an open exchange with good chances for both sides. After halftime of the game Lok came even to another power play, as Sotnieks got a 4-minute penalty. Only two minutes later it was Pavlovs, who had to sit down because of Illegal Check to the head with 2+10 penalty on the penalty bench. Lok now had a 5-vs-3 power play and took this lead. After prework of Lander to Da Costa he scored the 2-1 (37.). But Dinamo did not give up. In the last minute before the second break Riga came to a power play and one second before the break McMillan scored the 2-2 (40.).

In the first minutes of the final third Lok succeeds the renewed leadership, Cherepanov meets for 3-2 (43.). Dinamo tried to play home strength, but Lok was very safe on the defensive. In the final minutes Dinamo Riga put everything on one card, but the goal did not succeed. Probably because Lazushin with good reflexes could prevent the balance. It remained at this score and Dinamo Riga had to accept the first home defeat of the current season.

Dinamo Riga vs Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 2-3 (1-1, 1-1, 0-1)

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