Mogo loses his home game against HK Olimp 2-3 after over-time – Kurbads also with over-time victory vs. Daugavpils – Zemgale and Riga Prizma celebrate clear victories.

The Latvian champion, HK Mogo, can not win at home. In the home game against the new league team HK Olimp, the hosts did very hard. Olimp was difficult to play in the previous games. This game showed Olimp today and went in the first period by Pujacs 1-0 lead (7.). It took a few minutes and Mogo got into the game much better. Just after half of the period, there was power play and Mamonovs scored the 1-1 (12.). This goal gave Mogo a boost and Kolesnikovs scored, after a remarkable solo, the lead goal for a 2-1 (14.). With this score we went into the first break.

After the break, an open game developed. Both teams worked out some very good chances, which both goalies, with good reflexes, were able to prevent. Olimp acted very offensively and urged the equalizer. After a good move, Ezitis scored the 2-2 (32.). The numerous spectators were still offered very good, fast ice hockey, but there were no other goals.

There followed a very balanced third period for both teams, who also wanted the decision in the regular time. But despite many chances it remained at this score and it went into the over-time. In extra time, it was Olimp’s new player, Shulakov, who scored the winning goal for 3-2 after just 80 seconds (62.). Shulakov, who came to Olimp with more than 400 KHL games, is a real asset to both the team and the league.

HK Mogo vs HK Olimp Riga 2-3 OT (2-1, 0-1, 0-0, 0-1)

In the game of Prizma Riga against Liepaja was the first time the Japanese Yoshihiro Kuroiwa in goal. Prizma started very well and took the lead in the first power play by Brahamis 1-0 (6.). Liepaja was not stuck back and after a good action Kaleinikovs scored the 1-1 (10.). Shortly thereafter, Prizma weakened herself with penalties and Liepaja came to power play. This used Kaleinikovas and scored, with his second goal, the lead to 2-1 (11.). Only two minutes later there was power play for Liepaja, and this time it was Dilevka, he scored the 3-1 (13). Prizma did not really get into the game, which took advantage of Liepaja, Butans scored the 4-1 (17.). Only then Prizma remembered their strengths and Brahamis succeeds before the break the 2-4 (19.).

In the middle period Prizma was able to make the game open, probably also because Liepaja took something out of the game. This allowed Prizma another goal, Barkans scored the 3-4 (23.). Now it was exciting again, Prizma pushed for the equalizer – Liepaja defended the lead. This spell lasted until the second break. In the final period, there was the same playful image, but Liepaja was always very dangerous in the fast counterattack. At the halfway point of the period, it was again Kaleinikovas, who scored, with his third goal, the final score of 5-3 for Liepaja (51.). The man of the game was the Lithuanian Mark Kaleinikovas, who had three goals significantly contributed to the victory of Liepaja.

HK Riga Prizma vs HK Liepaja 3-5 (2-4, 1-0, 0-1)

further results:

HK Kurbads vs HK Daugavpils 3-2 OT (1-0, 0-2, 1-0, 1-0)

HK Zemgale /LLU vs HS Riga 4-1 (1-0, 1-0, 2-1)