After the opening loss against Kurbads, Mogo wins at Liepaja 6-2 – Zemgale with 4-3 penalty-shoot-out victory over HK Olimp

Champion Mogo had to do well after losing to Kurbads in today’s away game against Liepaja. Liepaja had strengthened his squad with several new players, Mogo remain virtually unchanged.

In the first few minutes Mogo was equal to play and went after a few minutes, with a goal by Kolesnikovs, 1-0 in the lead (4.). Liepaja then made the game largely open and came to some good chances. However, the goal scored Mogo. Shortly after halftime of the period scored Ziemins, after pass of Kurmis, the 2-0 (12.). Mogo was able to keep this lead until the first break.

After the break, there was a balanced game of both teams, probably also because Mogo took some speed out of the game. After a quick, good move from Homjakovs to Siksnis, he scored the 3-0 (34.). But Liepaja was still not beaten. Shortly before the second break, it was Razgals, who scored the connecting goal to 1-3 (40.).

In the third period, Mogo again played to their strengths and came to many opportunities. After a few minutes, Kolesnikovs scores with his second goal the 4-1 (45.). With this goal also the preliminary decision in this game was fell. Liepaja scored with a power play goal by Zabis the 2-4 (55.), but was not able to give the game a turn. The reigning champion once again showed his playing strength. In a power play Lipsbergs scored, just two minutes before the end, the 5-2 (58.). Not enough, Mogo added a power-play goal, Gricinskis scoring the final 6-2 (59.). With this victory Mogo rehabilitated for the clear defeat against Kurbads in the first game.

HK Liepaja vs HK Mogo 2-6 (0-2, 1-1, 1-3)

In the second match of the day Zemgale received the new league team of HK Olimo Riga. In a missed first period, there were some chances for both teams, only the goals were missing. After the break, it took until the half-time of the game, as Janda scored the 1-0 for Zemgale (31.). The guests were not stuck back and Jelisejevs equalized with his goal to 1-1 (36.).

This balanced game continued in the final period. A few minutes after the restart Novikovs scored the renewed lead for Zemgale and scored the 2-1 (44.). But Olimp did not put back and only three minutes later fell the equalizer again, Pujacs scored after pass from Sirokovs the 2-2 (47.). This goal gave Olimp a boost and the team continued their game. This paid off, because Lejnieks brings Olimp with the 3-2 first time lead in the game (57.). Zemgale risked everything and 35 seconds before the end, Misjus succeeds the equalizer to 3-3 (60.). With this score, it went into the over-time. With this score, it went into the over-time.

The extension remained without a goal and it had to decide the penalty shoot-out. With this score, it went into the over-time. The extension remained without a goal and it had to decide the penalty shoot-out. In this Zemgale kept the upper hand and Novikovs valued the decisive penalty 4-3. Zemgale wins against a prolific HK Olimp team, which is an asset to the league.

HK Zemgale/LLU vs HK Olimp Riga 4-3 SO (0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 0-0, 1-0)