With a superior 10-4 victory at Prizma Riga wins Kurbads the second game in a row.

After the opening victory against Champion Mogo Kurbads also wanted to take home the points against Prizma Riga. Prizma with a new player, the young Japanese goalie Yoshihiro Kuroiwa was in the roster as a back-up of Rauza.

The first few minutes belonged to the team from Kurbads with clearly better chances. Just before halftime of the period Zembergs meets 1-0 (9.). A few minutes later, Upitis scored with a power-play-goal the 2-0 (13.). Then Kurbad’s pressure eased a bit and Prizma also came up with chances. Shortly before the break Berzins was able to shorten to 1-2 (18.).

After the break, it took only 45 seconds to the next goal. After passing from Zolmanis to Rancevs scored he the 3-1 (21.). The flow of play at Kurbads remained upright and minutes later meets Galkins to 4-1 (27.). After this goal Kurbads switched back and Prizma came back into the game better. Barely halfway through the period, Barkans scored the 2-4 (33.) in a power play. Prizma became more active now and Brahmanis could only be stopped with a foul. The following penalty he exploited to the 3-4 (38.). However, shortly afterwards Prizma had to play a sub-match game and Zolmanis made it 5-3 for Kurbads (40.).

The third period became turbulent at the beginning. In a power play for Kurbads Bajaruns scored the 6-3 (43.). Shortly thereafter, Prizma had a power play, but the goal shot Kurbads. Janis Straupe scored with a short-hander the 7-3 (45.). This was a preliminary decision. Although Grinbergs scored the 4-7 (51.). In the middle of the period, Davis Straupe scored the 8-4 (52.), and the game was finally decided in favor of Kurbad. Only two minutes later, Rancesvs scores with his second goal for 9-4 (54.). The final point in this game was set by Upitis, who also with his second goal, the final score to 10-4 fixed (55.). With this victory Kurbads celebrates a perfect debut in the new season.

HK Prizma Riga vs HK Kurbads 4-10 (1-2, 2-3, 1-5)