HK Kurbads starts the new season with a 5-3 victory over Champion HK Mogo.

IIHF WC Top Division 2015: Canada vs Latvia: #87 Sidney Crosby, #5 Janis Sprukts. © Krainbucher

With the first game also the Optibethokejaliga (OHL) started the new season. It came to the clash of Champion HK Mogo and HK Kurbads. Kurbads attracted attention after some spectacular new signings, such as Janis Sprukts and Krisjanis Redlihs, and is also considered to be favorite for the title.

In the first few minutes followed the first sampling of both teams. Just before halftime, Kurbads scored the first goal of the new season. After a pass from Zolmanis scored Rancevs to 1-0 (10.). But Mogo had a quick response ready, Homjakovs equalized a few minutes later to 1-1 (15.).

Even after the break, it was with a, led by both teams, fast, and promising game on. Kurbads manages the neureliche leadership, zembergs utilizes a pass of Logunovs to 2-1 (27.). Champion Mogo then switched to a gear and came to other opportunities. The match was also to succeed, Zelubovskis scored after submission of Gricinskis the 2-2 (37.)

Mogo took the momentum off the middle period, even after the second break, into an exciting final period. After a few minutes Mamonovs scored the first-time lead for the reigning champion to 3-2 (44.). Kurbads promptly urged the recent equalization. Only a power play brought the desired success. Gipters makes it 3-3 (54.) after passing through Birzins. Barely a minute and a half later, the already mentioned players provided for the renewed Kurbads tour: Sprukts to Redlihs and this scored to 4-3 (56.). Mogo tried everything again, but the end point was Upitis. He fixed, 15 seconds before the end, with the 5-3 the final score.

HM Mogo vs HK Kurbads 3-5 (1-1, 1-1, 1-3)