In a varied game, Dinamo Minsk beat Spartak Moscow 5-4 – further victories for Omsk, Traktor and Kunlun.

Alexander Pavlovich #71 © Ziuzenok

In the Moscow CSKA Arena fans got to see a real ice hockey thriller. Minsk with a strong start goes after a single action, by Pavlovich 1-0 lead (8.). This goal unsettled Spartak and this irritation exploited Pulkkinen, only 49 seconds later, increased with his goal to 2-0 (9.). But Spartak recovered, and a minute later Rylov, after passing from Karsums, to 1-2 (10.). This quick goal brought the Belarusians out of the game concept and Pavlenko had to slash the penalty box. Spartak took advantage of this power-play with the equalizer goal of Hersley to 2-2 (13.). With this goal Spartak was back in the game. After a good move from Leshenko to Yunkov, this scored the first-time lead for Spartak to 3-2 (18.). One second before the break, Karsums had to go into the penalty box and Dinamo could start the second period with a power play.

The power play game for Dinamo after restart remained without a goal. But Karsums scored the 4-2 (24.), just under one and a half minutes after the end of his sentence. But the Belarusians were not beaten yet. On the contrary – Andrej Kostitsyn scored just a minute later to 3-4 and the game was open again. There followed a real exchange of blows and both teams had some high-profile chances. Minsk equalize midway through the period and Elliot scores the 4-4 (31.). After this goal, the working day for Spartak’s Goalie Bespalov was over and Khomchenko came. He did well and was able to avoid goals for the time being.

In the final third both teams looked away from the face-off and the fans got to see a great game. By the end of the game, Khokhlachev had to sit in the penalty box after tripping, and Dinamo came to a power play. The Belarusians knew how to use this and Stefanovich scored, after submission by Elliot, two minutes before the end of the 5-4 (18.). Spartak wanted to risk everything again. Nikontsev acted too cocky and had to Hooking on the penalty bench. Minsk took advantage of this and played this victory home and secured the points.

Spartak Moscow vs Dinamo Minsk 4-5 (3-2, 1-2, 0-1)

further results:

Avangard Omsk vs Novgorod 4-2 (1-1, 2-1, 1-0)

Kunlun Red Star vs Barys Nur-Sultan 1-0 (0-0, 1-0, 0-0)

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