Sibir celebrates a second straight win with Vladivostok’s 5-1 win – Jokerit also loses second home game.

Novosiborsk wanted after the opening victory over Amur also against Vladivostok full score. But Amur went after a minute by Ugolnikov 1-0 lead. It took a while for Sibir to get into the game to equalize through Milozorov within five minutes (7.). Shortly thereafter, the hosts had a power play, but that remained without a goal. Shortly before the break, then the lead for Sibir, Morozov scored after pass from Sayustov the 2-1 (18.).

Two minutes after the break, Shashkov, after boarding Voronin, got into a fight that ended up on the penalty bench for both. This uncertainty on the part of Vladivostok knew to use Sibir, and Jokipakka scored the 3-1 (23.). The guests came in this period to two power-play opportunities – once Sibir had too many players on the ice. But Admiral could not take advantage of these opportunities and remained goalless.

The preliminary decision in this game fell 30 seconds after the second break when Ruohomaa scored the 4-1. This broke Admiral’s resistance. Novosibirsk also had two power play games. Milovzrov finished with 5-1 with his second goal. Thus, Sibir starts with two victories in the new season.

Sibir Novosiborsk vs Admiral Vladivostok 5-1 (2-1, 1-0, 2-0)

The Finnish team, Jokerit Helsinki, did not make such a good start. The Finns lost to opener against Omsk with 1-3. Also against AK Bars Kazan was not much to get in the first third. Although Jokerit had the opportunity to take the lead in a power play, but they were denied them. In the meantime, Myttynen and Fazylzanov fought a little and both were allowed to cool down in the penalty box. Kazan was always better and Galiev succeeds the lead to 1-0 (16.). Jokerit was confused for moments and daas uses Galimov, just a minute later, to make it 2-0 (17.).

Kazan took the momentum out of the cabin and after only 22 seconds from the restart Cormier raises to 3-0. However, carelessness crept in with Kazan and Jokerit came back to two power play games. But even here they were denied a goal. But Jokerit continued and Pihlström shortens with his goal to 1-3 (24.). Kazan then made one more gear and Petrov scored the 4-1 (33.). One minute before the break Kazan had too many players on the ice, but Jokerit could not score again.

The final decision fell a few minutes in the final period when Azevedo scored 5-1 (43.). In the middle of the period Jokerit came to a power play. Then Niemi went off the ice, Jokerit risked everything now. A few minutes before the end Eronen meets to 2-5 (57.). However, this goal came too late. Although Niemi went out the last two minutes from the gate, it remained alerdings at desem result. With this defeat Jokerit has made a classic false start.

Jokerit Helsinki vs AK Bars Kazan 2-5 (0-2, 1-2, 1-1)

further result:

barys Nur-Sultan vs Amur Khabarovsk 3-2 (0-1, 2-1, 1-0)