Dinamo Riga win after a 1-4 defeat against SKA with 6-5.

Dinamo gave goalie Maxim Tretyak the chance to play again. The grandfather of Maxim, the great Vladislav Tretyak, was also in Sochi to see the game. Tretyak had many good saves at the start but was defeated by Zubarev and Jori Lehtera on their own. In the meantime, Balinskis scored the 1-1. After the break, Derganchyov and Tkachyov score two more goals for SKA. Especially the second goal came after a nice tic-tac-toe, and four of SKA’s five goals came after that combination.

This game proved to be the best ever of the tournament, in which 11 goals fell. In particular, the third period caused a lot of action: The teams scored three goals within 33 seconds. Dinamo Riga was already with a 1-4 und started a catch-up. Dinamo shortens through Ullström and Berzins to 3-4, but Lehtera scored the 5-3 for SKA. Then again Dinamo was on the move and Jansons scored the 4-5 and and Darzins made up for the 5-5. The Latvians, however, went one step further and eventually won the game thanks to Carter Ashton’s goal. The newcomer thus collected his fourth game point.

SKA St. Petersburg vs Dinamo Riga 5-6 (2-1, 2-1, 1-4)

1-0 Zubarev (15.), 1-1 Balinskis (17.), 2-1 Lehtera (20., PP) 3-1 Dergachyov (24.), 4-1 Tkachyov (29.), 4-2 Ullstrom (37.), 4-3 Berzins (46.), 5-3 Lehtera  (47.), 5-4 Jansons (47.), 5-5 Darzins (48., PP), 5-6 Ashton (58.)