Estonia’s Routnier Alexander Petrov continues to play in Italy and joins ValpEagle

36-year-old Estonian international player Alexander Petrov plays another year in Italy. He moves from Milano Rosso Blue to Valpa Eagle in the second Italian league.

His long career started at “Kohtla-Järve Central”. In the season 2001-02 he went to Russia for a year to “Spartak St. Petersburg” in the Russian 2nd league. After another year at “Kohtla-Järve Central” followed his second foreign station in Lettand, to “Metalurg Liepaja”. Again only one season later, in 2004-05, Finland was his next stop, at “HC Salamat”. In 2005-06 Petrov moved to the south, to Italy to Valpellice, in the 2nd Italian league. There he became really sedentary. Only after five seasons he went within the league to “Real Torino”. The “one-year rhythm” came back, France was his next destination, to “Montpellier”. Also this guest performance lasted only one season and it followed Norway, to “Kongsvinger”. There Petrov spent two years, then he went back to Italy, hired at the “Milano Rosso Blue”. A season later to Valpellice before returning to Milano. After three years followed his overall 11th club, ValpEagle.

For the Estonian national team Alexander Petrov is a real support. With the U18 and U20 he was at a total of seven world championships. For the A team Petrov was convened for 16 (!) World Championships. At this year’s home World Cup in Tallinn, Petrov scored 1 goal and gave 2 assist.