Semi-Final 1:

In the first semi-final, Russia and Finland faced each other. This pairing already existed in the Quarter-Final at the World Cup 2011, also in Bratislava. At that time Finland became world champion ….

IIHF World Championship Semifinal 1: 2019 Russia vs Finland #82 Harri Pesonen, #41 Joel Kiviranta, #4 Mikko Lehtonen, #55 Atte Ohtamaa, #11 Yevgeni Malkin, #92 Yevgeni Kuznetsov. Ondrej Nepela Arena © Robanser

Of course, the Russians wanted to prevent this and started as they have seen of them at this World Cup. Sergachyov with the first chance. The Finns played along and also found very good opportunities. After a shot from Hakanpaa Vasilevski can knock the puck away. A quick counterattack gave Ovechkin a chance to score, but Finland’s goalie Lankinen stood firm. Both teams did not take a lot of risk in order not to fall behind. Russia had no luck with a shot, Vasilevski fought off, and the puck lab suddenly left alone next to the pole in front of the goal line. Kakko responded the fastest and wanted to push the puck into the goal, but Vasilevski with a tremendously fast response secures the puck with the schooner. At the end of the period, Russia came up with two good chances, but Sergachyov and Kuznetsov failed to turn them into goals.

IIHF World Championship Semifinal 1 – 2019 Russia vs Finland #91 Juho Lammikko, #61 Nikita Zadorov. Ondrej Nepela Arena © Robanser

In the second period, there was the same playful image, the Finns mane again and again dangerous before the Russian goal. Hakanpaa forgave, as in the first period, a good chance. Ojamaki is unlucky with his shot, this one goes to the pole. The Russians continued to try their fast and accurate combination game. After a pass from Nesterov to Kaprizov this takes over directly. But Lankinen in the Finnish goal was able to hold the puck. It was a quick game, the only thing missing so far were the goals.

At the beginning of the final Perid, Russia had a power play. In this Dadonov had a very good chance, but his shot goes straight to goalie Lankinen. Finland continued to play and had a good opportunity through Ohtmaa. A few seconds after half of the period, the Russian defense does not bring the puck out of its own zone. Kivirante plays, in the fall, the puck to Jokiharju. This shoots immediately and Vasilevski could fend off shortly. The rebound Zaitsev could not beat and Anttila scored the 1-0 for the Finns (51.). Now the Russians started to run away. They tried everything to equalize, but Kucherov and Ovechkin failed at Lankinen. Almost three minutes before the end coach Vorobyov took goalie Vasilevski off the ice. But it did not help, the story was repeated. Finland win 1-0 against Russia and reach the final after 2016.

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Team Russia vs Team Finland 0-1 (0-0, 0-0, 0-1)