Quarter-Final 2 – Ondrej Nepla Arena, Bratislava:

The ever-young duel between Russia and the USA was on the program in Bratislava. The Russians presented themselves in the group games as the top favorite on the title, and remained unbeaten. Last time World Champion Sweden was disassembled 7-4. The USA lost the last game against Canada and reached despite a laborious start in the group matches the quarterfinals.

As they were used to from Russia, they started with a lot of energy. Just over a minute was played and the Russians settled in the US zone. Sergachyov with a shot at the US goal and goalie Schneider fends off. Gusev reacted the fastest and scored the 1-0. After this goal, there were further good chances for Zaitsev and Kovalchuk. After a US attack Gaudreau fits Eichel, but Vasilevski holds. The first power play had Russia and it fell the first goal. It was 31 seconds played in this and after a precise pass from Gusev to Sergachyov and he hits with a long shot to 2-0 (16.). Towards the end of the period, the US boys got a chance. In a 3-vs-1 counterattack, Kane awards to equalize chance.

The Americans started at the start of the first period and pushed for the equalizer. A good game setup by Gaudreau. The one with a lot of patience fits Kane, who plays the puck on Skjei. Skjei shoots immediately and the puck goes to 1-2 in the net (23.). The puck is thereby steered slightly by a Russian defender. This goal gave the Americans an upwind, but van Riemsdyk fails as well to Goalie Vasilevski as Gaudreau. At the Russan it was Gavrikov who could not use a very good chance. Shortly thereafter, Goalie Schneider was able to hold on to a chance from Gusev, Ovechkin lifts the puck from close range over the gate. Russia continues to advance, Sergachyov makes a shot, Schneider can secure the puck only in the second attempt, and before Malkin. Shortly before the second break, the US team makes a quick attack and Keller’s shot goes straight to Vasilevski. The last chance in the period had Gaudreau, but again Vasilevski fend off.

After the second break, Russia started to pick up speed again. It was almost 90 seconds played and Kaprizov scored the 3-1 for Russia (42.). But the Americans were not beaten and after a preliminary work by Jack Hughes Hanifin meets for 2-3 (46.). It was followed by an open exchange of blows and just two minutes later it was Malkin, who initiated the 4-2 by Kaprizov (48.). In the ensuing counterattack, Keller scored with another shot and another goal from DeBrincat gave Kane the empty net in front of him. But he struck past the puck with the stick. The Americans are trying their best to turn this game around. Two minutes before the end DeBriancat meets for 3-4 (58.). This goal was only well given after video analysis. Shortly thereafter followed an erroneously given offside, as the puck was steered by a Russian player in the own zone to van Riemsdyk. The USA then took all risk and goalie Schneider out of the gate. In the last interruption, the US took a time-out to maybe make the “Miracle” possible. Nothing helped, Russia defeated the USA 4-3 and is in the semifinals.

Team Russia vs Team USA 4-3 (2-0, 0-1, 2-2)