Quarter-Final 4: Ondrej Nepla Arena, Bratislava

In the last quarterfinal match the Czech Republic meets Germany. The Germans with a very good performance at this tournament so far, and thanks to the “Game Winning” goals of Draisaitl in the quarterfinals.

The Czechs started right away and Grubauer got a lot to do in the first few minutes. Frolik and Faksa with the first good chances. Hager plays in the free space and Germany was dangerous by Draisaitl, but Goalie Bartosak can fend off. The Czechs controlled the game, Germany seldom came to chances, Ehliz tried it from the side, but the angle was too small. In the second half of the period the Czech Republic came to two power plays, the second was taken in the middle period.

Germany had a power play at the beginning of the middle period, but could not use it. The Czechs were struggling now, as Germany came in the counter fast again and again before the goal of Bartosak. A few minutes after half-time the game Kovar comes to the puck, plays through the German defensive and with a shot of the 1-0 (34.). The Germans are known for their fighting spirit and immediately sought the way to the gate. Just minutes before the second break, Mauer scored the equalizer goal to make it 1-1 (38.), after Tiffels’ prework.

In the last period, the Czechs were unstoppable, they put the chances offered also in goals. After a good action by Simon Voracek scored the 2-1 (45.). The Germans seemed a bit weak and a few minutes later Kubalik made it 3-1 (52.). Now the Czechs were in a frenzy and Palat worried the 4-1 (54.). After this goal, the game was decided in favor of the Czechs. Germany this evening unable to turn this game even though there was still a power play for Coach Söderholm’s team. They tried everything again and took Goalie Grubauer from the ice. The use of the Czech Republic by Kovar, who scored the 5-1 with an empty net goal (60.). That was also the final score and the Czechs are in the semi-final.

Team Czech Republic vs Team Germany 5-1 (0-0, 1-1, 4-0)