Group B – Ondrej Nepla Arena, Bratislava

In the match between Italy and Norway, there will be a decision to relegate. In a victory for Norway, the Scandinavians are saved, Italy should win, there is an “end game” against Austria on Monday.

IIHF World Championship Top Division 2019 Italy vs Norway #61 Alexander Reichenberg, #18 Tobias Lindström, #5 Erlend Lesund. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava © Robanser

Norway had the first chances in a broken game. Italy also found opportunities to score the first goal in the tournament. The best for Norway had Roymark, who after a quick counterattack had only Goalie Bernard in front of him, and forgives this chance. For Italy, it was Miceli who suddenly appeared alone in front of Goalie Holm, but he also does not take advantage of this opportunity. Just before the break, the Fürhung for Norway. Lesund shoots from the blue line and Reichenberg fakes to 1-0 (16.).

After the break, Italy finished the 5 vs.3 power play from the first period without scoring. Traversa had the chance for the first goal only after the end of the power-play. In the middle of the period, Italy had a 5-vs-3 power play again for a few seconds, but again no goal was scored. The Norwegians better in attack and Haga forgives his chance before the empty goal.

IIHF World Championship Top Division 2019 Italy vs. Norway #8 Marco Insam, #6 Jonas Holos. Ondrej Nepala Arena; 18.05.2019; © Werner Krainbucher,

In the last period were played almost 97 seconds, as scored by Trettenes after pass from Olimb to 2-0 (42.). But only 16 seconds later it was time. Italy scored his first World Cup goal. Miceli fakes a shot from Helfers to 1-2 (43.). This goal was applauded by all spectators and much of a burden from the Italian team. But only a little later the next goal for Norway. Haga fakes a shot from Valkvae Olsen to make it 3-1 (44.). At the next goal, the Linesmen was hit lightly. The puck comes from the linesmen to Lindström and this completes this action to 4-1 (48.). Middle of the period the next deflected goal. Shot by Holos and Olden falsely falsifies for Bernard – 5-1 (50.). Italy still tried to score another goal. After a puck loss by Zanatta to Roymark, this goes alone on Bernard and scored the 6-1 (52.). Just under a minute before the end there was power play for Norway and Espeland scored the 7-1 (60.). The last chance in this game was Italy by Hochkofler, but he forgives this chance for another goal. With this victory, Norway secures the top division, and Italy must play in the all-important game against Austria.

Photo Galerie ITA vs NOR

Team Italy vs Team Norway 1-7 (0-1, 0-0, 1-6)

Group A – Steel Arena, Kosice

There was a classic in Kosice between Canada and Germany. The Germans with four wins in a row, including two “last minute” wanted to fix the participation in the quarterfinals with a point win.

The game began with power play for Canada and Chabot scored the 1-0 (3.). The Canadier the better team, Germany did very little. After a surpassed power play for Germany Stone scores to 2-0 (17.). After the break, there was again power play for Canada and Stone achieved with his second goal, the 3-0 (27.). As a result, both Germany and Canada had too many players on the ice. Germany takes this opportunity and Ehliz shortened to 1-3 (39.). But only 48 seconds later it was Stone again. With his third goal in this game he puts on 4-1 (39.).

In the final period Mantha made with a double strike to 5-1 (44.) and 6-1 (45.) for Canada all clear. The Canadians did not let the Germans come into play. Reinhart scores the 7-1 (46.). The conclusion in this one-sided game scored Cirelli, who sealed the defeat for Germany with the 8-1 – a short-hander (54.). With this victory Canada is fix in the quarterfinals.

Team Canada vs Team Germany 8-1 (2-0, 2-1, 4-0)