Group B – Ondrej Nepla Arena, Bratislava

Today, two previously winless teams are playing each other – Austria and Norway. For both of them is about the league, so had a victory ago. Team Austria missed the injured goalie Kickert, for him was the routine Back-Up Starkbaum in goal.

IIHF World Championship Top Division 2019 Austria vs Norway #38 Henrik Holm, #47 Alexander Bonsaksen, #3 Peter Schneider. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava © Robanser

Norway took the lead with the first attack. After a face-off victory, Bull scores 1-0 (3.) with a hard shot. But the Austrians urged immediately to equalize. Peter with a shot, but the Norwegian goalie Holm caught the puck safely. Norway had the first power play and Olimb had a chance to fend off Starkbaum. Shortly thereafter it was Olden and again the Austrian goalie was on the spot. The Norwegians pushed on and Lesund forgives a great opportunity. Both teams still had a power play, but these remained without goals.

After the break, the Norwegians reduced their players by unnecessary penalties themselves and Austria had a 5-3-power play. The build-up was patient and Scheider saved his team with the equalizer goal to 1-1 (23.). But the Norwegians countered and Martinsen forgives a chance. Then Austria was on the train again. Zwerger was too energetic and rammed goalie Holm, who lost his helmet. The Austrians were a bit better and Thomas Raffl kills it with a shot. The bouncing puck Herburger shoots past the gate and Schneider takes the returning puck directly, but Holm closed the short corner and prevented a goal. Then it was again Denmark and Espelund tried it with a long shot, the strong tree holds securely. A few minutes before the break was followed by a quick Norwegian attack over Valkvae Olsen. He plays the puck backhand to Johannesen, Schneider wanted to disturb, but was on the wrong foot and Johannesen scored the renewed lead to 2-1 (37.). Austrian’s Michael Raffl had a good chance before the break, but Holm fended off.

IIHF World Championship Top Division 2019 Austria vs Norway #12 Michael Raffl, #38 Henrik Holm, #98 Benjamin Baumgartner. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava © Robanser

The Austrians survived (with luck) a power play at the beginning of the last period. At the halfway point of the period, Komarek’s Austrian team manage to equalize 2-2 (50.). The joy lasted but only briefly, because only one minute later Reichenberg scored the 3-2 for Norway (51.). This goal shocked the Austrian team, neglected the defense. Olimb with a cross pass to Bull who is completely alone and the 4-2 scored (54.). Time runs out for the Austrians, and Rauchenwald tries a long shot, but Holm holds. Shortly afterwards it was Herburger, who only hits the crossbar with his shot. Austria risked everything now and in the last two minutes Goalie Starkbaum went off the ice. This measure was partially rewarded, 50 seconds before the end Heinrich scores the 3-4. The decision scores Norway, Bull, with his third goal in this game, scored the 5-3 with the empty net goal. Norway win and Austria loses the fifth game at this World Cup.

Photo Galerie AUT vs NOR

Team Austria vs Team Norway 3-5 (0-1, 1-1, 2-3)

Group A – Steel Arena, Kosice

For hosts Slovakia, they had to win in the match against France, and then there is still a small chance of reaching the quarter-finals. But the French have presented themselves very well in the previous games, this task should not be easy for Slovakia.

By the halfway point of the first period, Slovakia had two power-play opportunities that went unused. Only the third brought the desired success by Panik, which scored the 1-0 (14.). Now the Slovaks were playing and in the last minute before the break Sukel hits the 2-0 (20.).

Five minutes after the break, Slovakia returned to a power play after a valencian’s elbow check. Panic plays the puck to Hudecek and plays through the French defense, also Goalie Hardy, and scored the 3-0 (26.). The French did not give up and got better and better. Close to a good action Manavian shortens to 1-3 (33.). This gate gave the “Tri-Color” even more momentum. France came to power play only three minutes later, Texier scored the 2-3 (36.). and the game was open again.

In the final third were only played 16 seconds, as meets Cernak to 4-2. But barely a minute later Dano had to go to the penalty box and France had a power play. But Slovakia fought and Cajkovski succeeds after passing Buc a short-handed goal to 5-2 (43.). Slovakia were very efficient in power play today, as when Valier was back on the penalty bench, Nagy scored for 6-2 (46.). After this goal France Goalie Hardy went off the ice and it came Buysse. The French still manage to score 3-6 with Rech two minutes before the end, but in the end Slovakia win this match and are still aiming for the quarter-finals.

Team France vs Team Slovakia 3-6 (0-2, 2-1, 1-3)