Group B – Ondrej Nepla Arena, Bratislava

IIHF World Championship Top Division 2019 Sweden vs Austria #88 William Nylander, #6 Adam Larsson, #72 Patric Hörnqvist, #24 Steven Strong. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava © Robanser

World Champion Sweden played in the afternoon against the previously spotless Austria. In the previous year at the World Cup in Copenhagen there was a 0-7 defeat for Austria. The question of the winner should be clarified in advance, the question was: how high …

The Swedes made everything clear at the beginning. After just over a minute Landeskog scored the 1-0 and 90 seconds later Kruger the 2-0 (3.). Shortly after Sweden had a power play, Nylander meets for 3-0 (6.). The World Champion left Austria no chance and three minutes later Larsson scored the 4-0 (8.) This was the game already decided. Then Sweden gave way, but the Austrians simply too weak. Five minutes before half-time, Adrian Kempe scores the 5-0 (15.).

IIHF World Championship Top Division 2019 Sweden vs Austria #29 Bernhard Starkbaum, #98 Benjamin Baumgartner, #40 Elias Pettersson. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava © Robanser

After the break, Sweden was more comfortable, Austria came to Chacnen, who were bungling. Austria has a power play shortly before half-time. During the game build-up Heinrich loses the puck to Rasmussen. After a double pass with Landeskog Rasmussen achieved with a short hander the 6-0 (30.). The Swedes continue in a slow pace and four minutes later, Lindholm meets to 7-0 (34.). Austria until then not available, the playful appearance more than embarrassing.

At the beginning of the final period Sweden had a nasty power play and Ekman-Larsson scored the 8-0 (43.). Only three minutes later, Pettersson scores 9-0 (46.). After that, Sweden ceased the active game. Austria scored the consolation goal and Michael Raffl scored the 1-9 (48.). A gala performance of the world champion but Austria has to seriously think about this performance.

Photo Galerie SWE vs AUT

Team Sweden vs Team Austria 9-1 (5-0, 2-0, 2-1)

Group A – Steel Arena, Kosice

In Kosice, world champion Canada also has a feasible task, the opponent is France. Canada will need to earn further points after their “last second” victory against Slovakia to qualify for the quarter-finals.

In the Steel Arena, Canada scored in a 5-3-power-play the 1-0 by Mantha (9.). Only two minutes later Nurse scored the 2-0 (11.). The flow of the Canadians continued unabated and Cirelli scored to 3-0 (17.).

The Canadians took the pace out of the game due to the lead. France came to power play, but did not score. Five minutes before the break, there was again power play for the French. This time it worked, Fleury shortened to 1-3 (37.).

After just under three minutes played in the final period Rech scored the 2-3 connecting goal (43.). Now Canada can get serious about the situation. Minutes later, Mantha scored, with his second goal in that game, the 4-2 (49.). A few moments after halftime, Stone scored 5-2 (51.). That was also the final result. With this victory, Canada preserves the chance for the quarter-finals.

Team Canada vs Team France 5-2 (3-0, 0-1, 2-1)