IIHF World Championship Top Division 2019 Norway vs Sweden #33 Henrik Haukeland, #10 Alexander Wennberg, #72 Patric Hörnqvist, #22 Martin Røymark. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

The evening game was played by Norway and World Champion Sweden. Sweden sent Markström as new goalie on the ice, at Norway startes Haukeland.

The Swedes have the first opportunity, the second is the puck then in the gate. Wennberg pushed the puck under the schooners of Holm in the gate (1.). Hagg fired from the Blue Line but the puck went over the gate. Shortly thereafter, Kruger fakes in front of goal, but too far, the puck passes the gate. Bull with the first shot towards Markstrom, but no problem for him. Martinsen tried a better long shot but Sweden’s goalie is in position. Goalie Wennberg tried it from behind the gate but on this trick Haukeland did not fall in. Ekman-Larsson pulls out and Hornqvist faked unsustainable to 2-0 (7.). Lindstrom test Markstrom, but the goalie remained victorious again. After that, the Swedes reduced their Dominaz, which was also due to the many penalties. Shortly before the end of the period, Nylander fired from the Blue Line, Haukeland was the view of Hornqvist off and the puck to 3-0 in the net (19.). Norway challenged this, but the referees stuck to their decision.

IIHF World Championship Top Division 2019 Norway vs Sweden #28 Niklas Roest, #70 Dennis Rasmussen, #38 Henrik Holm. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

The Swedes continue to scorte, it is Adrian Kempe the Haukeland, with a shot in the cross corner, 4-0 (23.). The Swedes almost hit again, thanks to Olimb’s play-off, but this time the Norwegian goalie finished. Ekman-Larsson scores 5-0 for Sweden (26.) This also means closing time for Haukeland for him Holm comes on the ice. It was not long before and Holm had to catch up, this time met Mario Kempe to 6-0 (27.). Holm with a first thought save against Wennberg, who got a perfect pass from Nylander from behind the gate. After video evidence it was clear that the Fang was completely in goal, thus gate for Sweden by Wennberg. After a long period of dominance, Norway also gave a sign of life again. Olden drove alone to the gate of Markstrom but the shot was no problem for him. Mario Kempe had met for the second time, but after video study this goal was not given. The Swedes showed that they can also play power play. Eriksson had only to push into the empty goal, as Holm was already on the ground – 7-0 (39.).

Also in the last third there was no change in the gameplay. The Swedes continued to be pucked and the Norwegians were mostly detained in their own zone. Unfortunately, Sweden could not keep his zero, Trettenes scored from the blue line and Markstrom was the view slightly adjusted – 1-8 (52.). Nylander served Lindblom perfectly, this faked the puck in the short corner to 9-1 (58.). The Norwegians were happy when the game was over, they were just a passenger today. Sweden wins the duel with 9-1.

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Team Norway vs Team Sweden 1-9 (0-3, 0-5, 1-1)

In the sold-out steel arena in Kosice, Slovakia awaits the record world champion Canada. In the sold-out Steel-Arena Kosice Slovakia is expecting the record world champion Canada. For the Slovaks, Rybar was in the goal and among the Canadians like Murray.

In the initial phase, there was a sampling of both teams. The Slovaks, driven by fanatical audiences, came to some good chances. After a good push by the Slovaks, and a shot from Studenic, Murray was suddenly far in front of goal. The puck rolled into the goal area. Sukel reacted the fastest and scored the 1-0 (8.). The Canadians had this goal not put away, as meets only a minute later Liska to 2-0 (9.) Again, Murray was after a shot defense far in front of the goal. In the meantime, Fabbro retired injured and had to go to the cabin. The Canadians succeed a few minutes before the break by Mantha the connecting goal to 1-2 (17.). Only twenty seconds later, Canada has a power play. The benefit of the Canadians and achieve by Theodore the 2-2 (19.).

Slovakia started with a power play from the first period. Six seconds before the end of the penalty time, Dano scored the renewed lead for 3-2 (22 ‘). The Slovaks followed suit. After a shot from Buc, Goalie Murray fights off and Liska takes the puck directly in the air and scores for 4-2 (26). However, the joy did not last long. Tatar had to cross-check the penalty box and Canada had a power play. And again, this opportunity was not left out. Marchessault shortens to 3-4 (48.). The Slovaks were now disoriented and Cirelli dusted after a Reinhart shot to 4-4 (49.). Although scored Tatar another goal, but this is not given to video evidence. By the end of the period, Canadians became more active again. After a shot from Cirelli the puck goes under Goalie Rybar to 5-4 into the goal. Canada leads for the first time in this game.

In the final period, however, the Slovaks quickly found a chance to equalize through Nagy, but as a result, they did not really get dangerous. After a nice combination, Canadian goalkeeper Matt Murray was scored once again in the 51st minute by Tatar. Shortly thereafter, a shot by Matus Sukel was deflected several times and Damon Severson made it impossible for Murray to fend off. The Canadians on it again more active. In the end, they were also the happier team. Birthday child Mark Stone hit the puck exactly one second before the end. He gave himself and Team Canada a very hard-earned victory.

Team Slovakia vs Team Canada 5-6 (2-2, 2-3, 1-1)