IIHF World Championship Top Division 2019. Latvia – Switzerland #30 Elvis Merzlikins, #23 Philipp Kurashev, #92 Gaëtan Haas. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

Group B – Ondrej Nepla Arena, Bratislava

In the evening, Switzerland and Latvia faced each other in Bratislava. Both teams celebrated the first victory. In comparison between these teams, Switzerland could win the last seven games, the last victory of the Latvians was 2015.

Both teams offered new goalies, Latvia with Merzlikins and Switzerland with Genoni. The Swiss came again and again in the Swiss zone, but they were very deep and there was almost no getting through. Diaz tried a shot but Merzlikins was there. After halftime the Latvians had a strong phase. Within just six seconds Genoni had to fend off the chances of Kenins and Abols. A shot of Balcers goes into the outer net. It was a quick game with chances on ebiden sites. Kenins leaves out a possibility for Latvia and Praplan for Switzerland. Switzerland came to the first power play and settled in the Latvian zone. Hofman failed Merzlikins and Haas tried a trick in which he turns around Merzlikins on its own axis. But he lops the puck past the gate. In a change Switzerland forgot Balcers, who suddenly appeared before Genoni, but the Swiss goalie could prevent a goal.

IIHF World Championship Top Divison 2019 Latvia – Switzerland #11 Kristaps Sotnieks, #49 Emils Gegeris, #15 Grégory Hofmann. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

It stayed at a fast and high-class game. There were hardly any interruptions for the time being. Switzerland had the chance to lead through Hischier, but goalkeeper Merzlikins was alert. Switzerland came to a power play, but Latvia deftly defended. Gegeris gives a good chance in the match. After a quick push by the Swiss, Kurashev tries a shot. Merzlikins fakes the puck directly to the freestanding Hofman. All he has to do is push the puck over the line into the goal – 1-0 (34.). The Latvians immediately pressed for compensation. In a shot attempt by Roberts Bukarts Haas deliberately postponed the goal and the Latvians had a power play .. This lasted only 13 seconds. After a double pass with Balcers Indrasis scored the deserved equalizer goal to 1-1 (35.).

In the final period it remained exciting. Fiala gives Schweiteit a good chance and for Latvia it was Meija. In short, Indrasis fails Goalie Genoni. Latvia then came up with two consecutive power plays, and even a 5-vs-3 playoff for half a minute. Switzerland defended with much effort. The Latvians had bad luck, Josi and Diaz could beat the puck just before the line. A few minutes before the end, Josi shoots at the Latvian goal. Merklikins does not control the puck and Hischier scores the 2-1 (57.). This goal, however, was only good after Viedeobeweis. Latvia’s coach took off the ice almost two minutes before the end of goalie Merzlikins. The play of the Latvians was not good and Moser scored with an empty-net goal 3-1 and the decision (60). With this victory, Switzerland is after two games at the top of the table B.

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Team Latvia vs Team Switzerland 1-3 (0-0, 1-1, 0-2)

Group A – Steel Arena, Kosice

After the opening defeat of the Canadians against Finland, came tonight, the newly promoted United Kingdom just right. The British did well against Germany, but record-breaking Canada was a different caliber.

The Canadians were looking for the quick goal conclusion, which succeeded after three minutes. Joseph scored the pass from Henrique 1-0 (3rd). The Brits braced themselves against it with much skill, but playfully they were far inferior. What followed was the 2-0 for Canada by Mantha (13). Until the first break, both teams had ever a power play, but it fell no further goal.

Even after the break Canada was clearly the better team. A few minutes after the restart Turris meets for 3-0 (23.). In the British Lachowicz had to go to the penalty box. Canada uses this opportunity and Strome scored the 4-0 (28.). After that, the Canadians took the pace a bit out of play. Shortly before the second break Fabbro scored the 5-0 (40.).

In the final period was not played a whole minute and it fell the next goal. Turris scores mantha’s pass 6-0 (41.). The British were just too weak to move anything. So the Canadians came to a power play and Couturier meets to 7-0 (47.). At half time of the period, Mantha scored the 8-0 (51.) with his two goals. After this goal, Britain changed the goalie. Bowns had enough and it came Whistle. In the last minutes, nothing happened and Canada wins the first game in this tournament.

Team Great Britain vs Team Canada 0-8 (0-2, 0-3, 0-3)