IIHF World Championship Top Division 2019 Russia vs Austria #97 Nikita Gusev, #63 Yevgeni Dadonov. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

Group B – Ondrej Nepla Arena, Bratislava

At noon Austria played against the star emsamble from Russia. The Austrians are not an easy task after yesterday’s defeat by Latvia. Russia, on the other hand, celebrated a good start against Norway.

As expected, the Russians started very strong and had the first chances through Sergachyov and Kucherov. The Austrian goalie Starkbaum was busy from the beginning. A shot from Gavrikov went to the side net and Kovalchuk only hits the pole. After five minutes followed the first good attack by Austria, Thomas Raffl with the first shot at Georgiev. Shortly after a shot by Unterweger just missed. Russia was still the game-defining team and Kuznetsov forgives alone in front of Starkbaum. The Austrians hid and Ganahl tried it with a backhand shot, but Georgiev can hold this. Russia came to the first power play. After a patient build-up and an accurate pass from Gusev to Dadonov, he scored the leading goal to 1-0 (13.). After this goal, Austria suddenly came to a 3-1 situation, but this opportunity was omitted. Shortly before the break, Raffl plays tailor behind the Russian goal, but he can not put the puck in the goal, Gerorgiev holds.

IIHF World Championship Top Division 2019, Russia vs Austria #67 Konstantin Komarek, #40 Alexandar Georgiyev. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

After the break Austria gave the first shot at the Russian goal with a shot from Obrist. The Russian team seemed tense and the flow of the game seemed to falter. Even in a power play for Russia, Austria had the opportunity through Rauchwald to score with a short hander. After halftime of the game Russia came again to a power play. In this Ovechkin had the opportunity four times (!), But either Stark tree refused or the shot went wrong. Smoking forest was flouted irregularly shortly after the power play ended, but officials squeezed both eyes shut. The Russians were unimpressed and after a pass from Gusev to Kucherov scored the 2-0 (35.). But Austria did not give up and Michael Raffl had bad luck with his shot, Georgiev closed the short corner. In the counterattack came in the Austrian zone Kovalchuk to the puck, this plays to Telegin and meets from close range to 3-0 (35.). The last chance in this period had Austria, Zwerger fails to Georgiev.

In the final period it took only 15 seconds for the next goal. Sergyachov with an accurate pass on Dadonov. He suddenly stands alone in front of the gate. Goalie Starkbaum is too far out of the gate and Dadonov just has to push the puck over the line – 4-0. Russia now wanted more and got stuck in the Austrian zone. Orlov indicates a shot from the blue line, but plays Kovalchuk at the short corner. The Russian Routnier steers the puck over Starkbaum to 5-0 in the net (45.). Russia plays this result over time and russians goalie Georgiev celebrates his first shut-out.

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Team Russia vs Team Austria 5-0 (1-0, 2-0, 2-0)

Group A – Steel Arena, Kosice

In the second lunch game in Kosice the USA played against France. The Americans lost surprisingly against the host country Slovakia and wanted to eradicate this gap. France lost to Denmark in the penalty shoot-out.

In Kosice the Americans made brief protests with the French in the first period. Within three minutes the game was decided. the USA had the first power play and DeBriancat scored the 1-0 (5.). Only 43 seconds later, Vatrano scored, after pass from Eichel, the 2-0 (6.). Another 16 seconds later it was again DeBriancat, who scored with his second goal, the 3-0 (7.). After that, the US slowed down a bit, but never got into a brisk situation.

After the break, there was the same playful image, the US made the game. Occasionally, the French came to opportunities, but mostly was at Goalie Demko terminus. After a good, fast action, White scores 4-0 (34.) after Quinn Hughes passes. Only one and a half minutes later it was Kane who scored with his goal to 5-0 (36.).

The Americans also played their game in the last third. After less than a minute Kreider makes half a dozen full and scored the 6-0 (41.). After that, the US again took the pace out of the game. This gave France more and Rech succeeds the connection goal to 1-6 (47.). The reaction of the Americans to this goal was ds 7-1 by White (45.). As the game drew to a close, emotions erupted. It developed a brawl. When that had calmed down again, Vatrano, White (USA), Bozon and Texier had to sit in the penalty box.

Team USA vs Team France 7-1 (3-0, 2-0, 2-1)