IIHF WC Top Division 2019 Slovakia – Bratislava Michaela Grendelova (head of Media & Communications); Horst Lichtner (IIHF Genereal Secretary), Igor Nemecek (Head LOC Bratislava), (c) Franz Berger, Baltics Media

Michaela Grendelova, Head of Media & Communications during the World Cup, welcomes Horst Lichtner, IIHF General Secretary, and Igor Nemecek, Head of LOC Bratislava.

IIHF WC Top Divison 2019 Slovakia – Bratislava Horst Lichtner (IIHF General Secretary) (c) Franz Berger, Baltics Media

Horst Lichter was pleased to announce that both teams in Bratislava and Kosice are ready for this World Cup. There was no negative feedback, everyone is happy, Even the Russian delegation is completely satisfied (smile). In addition, the entire IIHF is pleased to welcome many top players from the NHL in the teams, “A total of 107 players from the NHL will be on display. For comparison, in Denmark it was 97. This list is led by Ovechkin, Lidgren, Tavares. There are also young players, including only 17-year-old Jack Hughes (USA) or Finland’s Kaapo Kakko, Round # 2 Draft, who scored the “Game Winning Goal” at the final U20 World Cup in 2019. Other nations also have their top players, such as Switzerland with Hirschier or Germany with Leon Draisaitl, “says Lichtner.

Igor Nemecek addresses the ticket situation and announces that 80% are sold. “That’s very good. Tickets are still available for all games, except for Slovakia, the Czech Republic or Russia games, because it could be difficult. Six teams have already arrived in Bratislava, the last two nations arriving today are Austria and Latvia. ” Ice technically, there should be no problems, although with 10 May a very late date was chosen. Top players need top ice and we will do whatever is necessary, “says Nemecek.

The official opening ceremony will be in Kosice before the game Slovakia vs USA, in Bratislava it will be on the screens.

All involved want a successful Wleting Championship and many good games.