International Test Match 07.05.2019, Vienna, AUT Austria vs. Canada, #17 Dylan Strome, #28 Martin Schumnig, #30 David Kickert; (c) Andreas Urban/Baltics Media

Austria, Latvia’s group opponent at the World Championships in Bratislava, today played the last test match. Opponent was none other than World Record Canada champion. The Canadians came with numerous NHL stars to the training camp in Vienna before it starts on Friday with the World Cup in Slovakia.

The Canadian Team had been training daily for the last few days. For the team from Austria, it was the fifth and final camp and the game against Canada a crowning glory. The Austrians started, as against Denmark, very strong and had through Schumnig and Heinrich the first chances. Canada acted hesitantly at the beginning, also came to possibilities, but the Austrian Goalie Kickert kept what it was to hold. In the middle of the first period Austria drove a fast counterattack, Peter hits the bar after his shot. The puck bounces back into the field and Rauchenwald scored the 1-0 for Team Austria (10.). The Canadians woke up and Kickert prevented with a spectacular defense the compensation by Henrique. But Couturier fades and pushes the puck to 1-1 over the line (15.). The Austrians put this gate away. Only ten seconds later Hofer catches a bad pass from Canada’s defense and single-handedly he plays Goalie Murray and scored the 2-1 (15.). At the end of the first period, Canada had the first power play. This lasted only 14 seconds and Turris scored with a shot into the cross the 2-2 (16.). Austrias goalie Kickert had no chance to fend off this puck.

International Test Match 07.05.2019, Vienna, AUT Austria vs. Canada #24 Steven Strong, #17 Dylan Strome (c) Andreas Urban/Baltics Media

After the break Canada put the Austrian team under pressure. Goalie Kickert was able to stave off opportunities from McCann, Mantha, Dorion and Fabbro. The Austrians then give themselves some relief and with the first good attack Thomas Raffl meets 3-2 (26.). The Canadians again set the pace and Reinhart and McCann forgive their chances. A shot from Stone passes just over the goal. At halftime Marchessault manages to score a goal to 3:3 (30.) – playing goalie Kickert and pushing the puck standing behind the goal. Austria did not give up and a quick attack brings the renewed lead – Cijan meets for 4-3 (34.). The Canadians again increased the pace and only a few seconds later McCann explained the equalizer to 4-4 (34.). Now the Canadians were involved. After a powerful build-up, Cirelli faces the 5-4 and the first-time lead for Canada (38.). In the last minute before the second break Stone meets for 6-4 (39.).

ong, #17 Dylan Strome, #14 Patrick Peter;
International Test Match 07.05.2019, Vienna, AUT. Austria vs. Canada #24 Steven Str (c) Andreas Urban/Baltics Media

For the final period, both teams had the second goalies, Starkbaum Austria and Hart the Canadians. The Austrians had to survive at the beginning of a power play for Canada. Shortly after the punishment Heinrich forgives his chance, and Ganahl’s shot passes close to the gate. Canada’s players also showed up in class, like Fabbro, who turns around in front of the Austrian goalie. But Goalie Starkbaum was unimpressed and held the puck. The Austrians did not give up. After a mistake by Canada’s goalie Hart, Austria’s Komarek comes to the puck, plays this to Ganahl and the scores to 5-6 (50.). Canada continued at a fast pace. Unterweger loses the puck to Turris. He puts on Mantha and scored the 7-5 (52.). Shortly after Austria came to the first power play. Shortly thereafter, Austria came to the first power play, goals fell no more. Both teams were still trying to score one goal or the other, but it remained at this, for Austria very pleasing result.

Team Austria vs Team Canada 5-7 (2-2, 2-4, 1-1)