International Testmatch 05.05.2019, Vienna, AUT Austria vs Denmark #41 Jesper Jensen-Aabo (c) Andreas Urban, Baltics Media

In the penultimate friendly match before the World Cup in Slovakia Austria plays against Denmark. Austria is in the group with Latvia and these two teams will play against each other in Bratislava on 11 May.

Austria started very ambitious against Denmark, who also play in this World Cup (Group A). Denmark’s goalkeeper Sebastian Dahm was able to fend off chances from Peter Schneider or Michael Raffl. In the first period Denmark had the best chances through Jesper Jensen and Frederik Storm. Austria’s experienced goalie, Starkbaum, prevented the goals against.

At the beginning of the second period, Austria had a 5-3 power play, could score despite many shots no goal. With continuity also Denmark came into play better, the Austrians were always dangerous in the counterattack. The lead after a good action by the only NHL player in the Austrian team, Michael Raffl. Many actions are on him. After a pass from Raffl to Schneider this meets the 1-0 for Austria (34.). The Austrian striker reached 81 points (40 goals / 41 assist) in the Austrian League (EBEL) and was honored to the MVP of the league in the end.

International Testmatch 5.5.2019 – Vienna, AUT Austria vs Denmark #41 Jesper Jensen-Aabo (c) Andreas Urban, Baltics Media

In the final period there were some penalties on both sides. Denmark succeed at halftime of the period in a power play by Nicklas Jensen the equalizer goal to 1-1 (51.). This goal unlocked further forces in Denmark. Mathias Bau came to the puck behind the Austrian goal, plays for free-standing Frederik Storm and scored the lead for 2-1 (57.). The Austrians showed signs of dissolution and only seconds later Jesper Jensen.Aabo to 3-1 (58.). In the last minutes, nothing happened and Austria loses against Denmark with 1-3. The last friendly for Latvia’s group opponents Austria is against Canada on Tuesday.

Team Austria vs Team Denmark 1-3 (0-0, 1-0, 0-3)