On the last day of the Div IA, the only question was: who has to descend into the Div IB? In the first game were facing Slovenia and Lithuania two teams that could hit it. For the last time in 2009 these teams faced each other, Slovenia won 8-2 …

The Slovenians were additionally motivated after the victory over the Hungarians and started with a lot of momentum in this game. It was almost four minutes played when Sabolic scored, after pass from Kovacevic, the leading goal to 1-0 (4.). The Lithuanians, however, did not hide and were dangerous in their attacks. Slovenia’s Gracnar, who was doubly motivated after his shut-out against Hungary, was able to prevent a goal. It went back and forth with slight benefits for Slovenia. A good action from Repe, whose pass Drozg scored the 2-0 (17.).

After the break, there was an interesting game, as the Lithuanians braced themselves against a threat of defeat. This gave place for the fast Slovenes. Hebar plays the puck to Kopitar at the midline. The LA Kings NHL star picks up the puck and launches a solo. It dubbed the entire Lithuanian defense with goalie Armalis. In the style of a world-class striker, he scored the 3-0 (29.). This goal sat like a thorn near Lithuania. Only 32 seconds later Podlipnik shoots from the blue line on the goal of Armalis. Cimzar takes sight of the Lithuanian goalie and the puck goes in the goal to 4-0 (29.). With this goal, although the preliminary decision had fallen in this game, but Lithuania did not give up. The team of Coach Lacroix came to a 5:3-power play. A shot from Alisauskas just missed the goal. Slovenia survived this delicate situation and set about counterattacking. Drozg play the puck to Golocic. He was suddenly completely alone in front of Armalis, leaves this no chance and scores for 5-0 (35.). Shortly before the second break, Lithuania got a very good chance. After a solo by Krakauskas who had the chance of a goal, but he fails to Goalie Gracnar. In the fast counterattack Kuralt plays the puck across the goal and Ograjensek scored the 6-0 (39.). With this goal, the game was finally decided in favor of the Slovenes.

In the final period was now Lubys instead of Armalis in goal in Lithuania. It was a spectacle viewers, as Slovenia took the pace out of the game. Lithuania tried to score the honor, but Bogdziul forgives his opportunity. Slovenes did only the most necessary. But that was enough and Drozg scored the 7: 0 (50th). Lithuania was playfully too weak to be able to stand up to the Slovenians. They played on it and Magovac meets for 8: 0 (56.). After an unfortunate action from Krakauskas to Hebar, the bangs on the gate and injured his hip and had to go into the cabin. In the final minutes, there was a playful 4: 4 situation and Drozg scored the final score of 9: 0 (60th). With this result, Slovenia secures the league and goalie Gracnar celebrates his second shot-out at this tournament. The best players of their teams were Slovenia’s Anze Kopitar and Lithuania’s Dainius Zubrus awarded.

Team Slovenia vs Team Lithuania 9-0 (2-0, 4-0, 3-0)