In the second game between Belarus and South Korea, it was all about the placements. Victory for Belarus could lead to a group victory, with Kazakhstan losing to Hungary. South Korea would reach the third place with a win.

The Belarusians also started immediately and after just under three minutes Demkov meets, according to Platt, to 1-0 lead (3.). The South Koreans, of course, tried to equalize but failed on the Belarusian goalie Milchakov. South Korea’s goalie Dalton was also able to prevent further goals in this period.

Asians got better and better in the game after the break, Belarus pulled back a bit and took the pace out of the game. Going halfway through the game South Korea succeeds by Sang-Hoon the equalizer to 1-1 (29.). This goal also provided the necessary impetus and they fared well, but Milchakov kept his team ahead of more goals.

In the last period, it was playfully better again, both teams sought the decision. A good action from Plante brought the 2-1 lead for South Korea through Sang-Hoon (50.). That was his second goal in this game. Belarus was now on the total offensive that gave the South Koreans much room for their quick counterattack. After pass from Chong-Hyun Sang-Hoon meets with his third goal to 3-1 (57.). That was a preliminary decision in this game. Towards the end, Belarus took the goalie off the ice. The South Koreans took the opportunity and Sang-Hoon scored the 4-1 (59.) with Empty-net goal. That was the fourth goal of the South Korean, who was single-handedly responsible for the victory of his team. With this victory South Korea reached third place in the final table. Belarus keeps second place.

Team Belarus vs Team South Korea 1-4 (1-0, 0-1, 0-3)

In the last game of the tournament it was about “the golden pineapple”, so nothing more. Kazakhstan was the group winners, as well as Lithuania as relegated back in Div IB.

Host Kazakhstan wanted to say goodbye with a victory of the usual fans, even if the group victory and the associated promotion to the top division was already completed. But the Hungarians also wanted to thank the numerous fans for their good performance. The game itself was more a show-off, with no great opportunities. The logical score after the first twenty minutes was 0-0.

After the break, things went better for the Kazakhs, putting pressure on the Hungarians even more. After a good action Mikhailis scored the lead to 1-0 (24.). The Kazakhstan team continued their efforts to score, but Hungary’s goalie Balizs prevented some opportunities. In the last period Kazakhstan came to a power play at the beginning. This was also used and Nekyrach scored the 2-0 (42.). But the Hungarian team has not given up and only four minutes later Sofron scored the connection goal to 1-2 (46.). It was exciting again.

The Kazakhs wanted to win this game necessarily and pushed the Hungarians back into their own zone. Towards the end of the game Kazakhstan came to a power play. In this, the decision was made, Rymarev scored after a solo attempt the 3-1 (58.). With this win Kazakhstan wins the Div IA and rises together with Belarus in the Top Division. Lithuania relegated into Div IIA.

Team Kazakhstan vs Team Hungary 3-1 (0-0, 1-0, 2-1)

End table:

1.Team Kazakhstan

2.Team Belarus

3. Team South Korea

4. team Slovenia

5. Team Hungary

6. Team Lithuania