IIHF WC Div IB 2019,
Tallinn, Estonia: 4.5.2019, Winner Team Romania, (c) Sachiko Prior, Baltics Media

In the first game on the last day of the Div IB, it was about the promotion and relegation. With a win, Romania will be relegatet up to Div IA and the Netherlands going down.

The Romanians went from the start a high pace, the Dutch were only on the defensive busy, but could fend off the good chances of the Romanians. In a power play for Romania it was time, Biro meets, after pass from Borysenk, to 1-0 (4.). The Dutch have been bolder, but Mason forgives the equal opportunity.

IIHF WC Div IB 2019, Tallinn, Estonia: 4.5.2019 Romania vs Netherlands #11 Daniel Tranca, #19 Peter Balasz. (c) Sachiko Prior, Baltics Media

In the middle period Romania had a power play right from the beginning and again there was a goal. Goga exploits a 2-0 win by Butochniv (21.). The Dutch did not give up yet and tried everything again. Towards the end of the third, it was Boer, who after Nordemann’s pass, scored the 1-2 connecting goal (38.).

IIHF WC Div IB 2019, Tallinn, Estonia: 4.5.2019 Romania vs Netherlands # Team Romania with Fans, (c) Sachiko Prior, Baltics Media

In the last period, it became more interesting again, because the Dutch worked out one or the other good balance chance. Romania’s Goalie Toke prevented this with a good reflex. The game came to an end and Dutch coach Mason tried everything again and took Goalie Oosterwijk off the ice. The Romanians took the opportunity and Balasz scored the 3-1 (59.). That was also the final score. Romania are group winners with this victory and will be promoted to Div IA. The Dutch have to make their way back down to Div IIA.

Team Romania vs Team Netherlands 3-1 (1-0, 1-1, 1-0)

In the second game Poland and Japan met each other. For both, it was not about anything, as Romania after the victory over the Netherlands as promoted, except for the placement in the table.

IIHF WC Div IB 2019, Tallinn, Estonia: 4.5.2019 Poland vs Japan. #7 Ryo Hashimoto, #19 Krystian Dziubinski, #1 Michikazu Hata, #23 Yushi Nakayashiki. (c) Sachiko Prior, Baltics Media

The Poles set off straight away and took the lead early through Marzec 1-0 (6.). The Japanese had a power play seconds later and Yuri Terao scored the 1-1 (8.). In the middle period, the Poles were increasing in pace. After just under three minutes succeeds Dziubinski after a solo the 2-1 (23.). Only 18 seconds later it was Goscinski, also an unilaterally, who scored the 3-1 (24.). These two goals in such a short time hampered the game of the Japanese. The Poles continued to play and after pass from Kapica to Wronka he scores the 4-1 (30.). That was a preliminary decision in this game. Shortly before the second break it was Jeziorski who scored the 5-1 (39.).

In the final period there was a short rearing of the Japanese team, Nakayashiki shortened to 2-5 (43.). However, the Poles came after a few minutes to a power play and Bryk scores the 6-2 (52.). Japan takes advantage of this joy moment of Poland and Shinohara score the 3-6 (53.). At the end of the game, Poland hit again and in the final minute Komorski scored the 7-3. The final point in this game Japan’s Nakayashiki set with his second goal the final score of 4-7. With this victory, Poland remains in second place in the ending table.

Team Poland vs Team Japan 7-4 (1-1, 4-0, 2-3)

In the last match of the day and the tournament, Estonia played against Ukraine. This game was about the honor and final placement.

The host Estonia wanted to say goodbye to the audience with a victory. The Ukraine had the better start and went within 20 seconds insidegalb with two goals in the lead. After Hrytsenko’s pass, Merezhko scored the 1-0 (2.) and only 20 seconds later Lyalka made it 2-0 (2.). Estonia wanted to implement the project of a home victory and Petrov succeeds the connection goal to 1-2 (4.). Ukraine is still in power play this season and Babinets is in the lead 3-1 (15.).

In the middle period it went back and forth, and Estonia was now on the compensation. Ukraine were always dangerous in the quick counterattack, but Estonia goalkeeper Koitmaa saved his team from further goals. A few seconds before the end of the periog, Viitanen reduced to 2-3 (40.). In the final period almost only Estonia played. Shortly after halftime of the period Andrejev meets, deserved, 3-3 equalizer (51.). In this tie, it remained until the end and it went into the overtime. The extension took just under 90 seconds, as scored in a power play for Estonia Rooba Sueges goal to 4-3 (62). Thus, Estonia says goodbye to this World Cup with a win and fixed in the final table the fourth place.

Team Estonia vs Team Ukraine 4-3 OT (1-3, 1-0, 1-0, 1-0)

Final Table:

  1. Team Romania
  2. Team Poland
  3. Team Japan
  4. Team Estonia
  5. Team Ukraine
  6. Team Netherlands