Belarus wanted to continue to collect points in the game against Slovenia to uphold the opportunities for promotion. For the pointless Slovenians it was about a lot, they are in danger of relegation.

The team from Belarus started immediately and after not quite four played minutes there was the first power play. That was used by Sharagovich, he meets to 1-0 (4.). But Slovenia was not stuck back and could drive one or the other good attack on the goal of Milchakov. On the other hand, Gracnar could prevent further goals for the time being.

In the middle period, the game neutralized, there were some very good chances, but they all remained without scoring. The huge opportunities were missing. In the final period, Slovenia relented once again. After Rodman’s pass, Sabolic scores for a deserved 1-1 equalizer (44.). The Belarusians woke up again and after just under two minutes Yevenko succeeds the new lead to 2-1 (46.). This goal gave a boost and only four minutes later Platt raised to 3-1 (50.). That was a small preliminary decision in this game. Storm runs of the Slovenes followed, but Goalie Milchakov was a sure support. Slovenia’s Goalie Gracnar left the ice two minutes before the end. Belarus did not miss this opportunity and Demkov scored the all-important 4-1 (59.) with an empty-net goal. With this victory, Belarus preserves the chance of promotion.

Team Belarus vs Team Slovenia 4-1 (1-0, 0-0, 3-1)

The second game denies the promotion aspirants South Korea and hosts Kazakhstan. The Kazakhs won four out of the last five games.

Kazakhstan went into this game with a lot of momentum and immediately put the Koreans under pressure. It was almost four minutes played when Akolzin scored, after pass of Maklyukov, the 1-0 (4.). This goal gave the necessary impetus and the Kazakhs had chance by chance. When it was against the first break Metalnikov transformed a pass from Mikhailis to 2-0 (17.). That was also the breaks score.

After restart Kazakhstan continued its game, the Koreans came through their fast counterattack always dangerous to the goal of Karlsson. On the Korean side, Dalton saved his team from more goals. Shortly before halftime play Sevchenko succeeds with the 3-0 the preliminary decision (30.). The Kazakhs switched back a gear and left nothing until the second break.

In the last period South Korea reared up again but Karlsson was in a class of its own in Kazakhstan. Shortly after the middle of the period but Sang-Woo succeeds the connection goal to 1-3 (51.). Kazakhstan again increased the pace and Kleshchenko scored, after Mikhailis’s pass, 5-1 (53.). That was also the final score in this game. Thus, Kazakhstan is still on a promotion space and South Korea can only do it on their own.

Team South Korea vs Team Kazakhstan 1-4 (0-2, 0-1, 1-1)