In the only game of the day in the Div IA, the hosts faced Kazakhstan and newly promoted Lithuania. The Kazakhs were aiming for the ascent and there was a victory here. However, the Lithuanians showed in the previous tournament a very good performance.

The first few minutes were followed by a mutual sampling and there was little chance. As the match continued, Kazakhstan came away with better chances, but Lithuania’s goalie Lubys was very confident. At half-time of the first period, there was a power play for Kazakhstan. This took advantage of the home side and Boyd achieved, after a pass from Bochenski, the lead to 1-0 (11.). Lithuania was by no means irritated and went over to the counter-attack. Zubrus drove his team forward again and again, but Karlsson in the goal of Kazakhstan was in a class of its own.

After the break, there is the same playful image for the numerous fans. Kazakhstan the better team, but the Lithuanians did not hide and were always very dangerous in the counterattacks.A quick and well executed action brought the next goal. Shortly after half-time Bochenski plays the puck to Sagadeyev, this to Kleshchenko and it was 2-0 (32.). But the Lithuanian men showed morale and fought with great commitment against the impending defeat.

Lithuania took the momentum from the middle period into the final third and this was rewarded after just under 90 seconds. Domeika scored the connection goal to 1-2 (42.). This goal unlocked more forces in the Lithuanians, but the chances are very much out there. Kazakhstan was the better team. There were opportunities for Sagadeyev, who also fails at Lubys, as Shevchenko. Lithuania risked everything at the end of the game. Less than two minutes before the end, lithuanians Goalie Lubys wanted to leave the ice. But Kazakhstan’s Dietz came to the puck in the neutral zone. Lubys, on the way out, noticed that and wanted to go backwards into his gate. But with all his routine and calm Dietz shoots the puck to Lubys, who was far out of the gate in his own zone, to 3-1 in the gate (59.). Lithuania then took a time-out, but did not use it anymore. Kazakhstan wins this game and remains on a promotion place. “It was not easy, it was a tough game, the goalie was great, and we’re really happy to win this game”, said Kazakh goalie Karlsson after the game.

Team Kazakhstan vs Team Lithuania 3-1 (1-0, 1-0, 1-1)